Updated Terms of Use

Today, we’re announcing an updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. While we encourage you to read through the new them both, here are some of the highlights:

  • The Tilt Terms of Use and Privacy Policy now apply to all of our services, including Tilt and Tilt/Open.
  • We’ve simplified the language in these agreements to make them easier to understand, while still providing users meaningful information about how our services work and the steps Tilt takes to protect their privacy.
  • We’ve created some new guidelines for our users so that we can make sure that Tilt is a safe and reliable place for groups to come together and make amazing things happen. Our Organizer Guidelines and Contributor Guidelines lay out some basic standards about collecting and contributing funds on Tilt. Our Community Guidelines are the rules we ask everyone to follow so that our community of Tilters continues to thrive.
  • We now have Organizers process payments with Stripe. By agreeing to our Terms of Use, you are also agreeing to Stripe’s Terms of Service.
  • We’ve made it clear how you can (and can’t) use Tilt in our Acceptable Use Policy. While we love helping people tilt their ideas into reality, you can’t use Tilt for everything.
    • We’ve explained that we’d like to resolve any disputes with our users on an individual basis through arbitration. Arbitration provides a fast and efficient alternative to the courts. If you don’t want to arbitrate in the event of a dispute, you can opt out through this online form. You must opt out within 90 days from receiving an email from Tilt informing the user of the update or from agreeing to the new Terms and Privacy Policy (such as when creating an account on the Services), whichever is later in time.

In making these changes, we were guided by a few of our core values.

  • Here at Tilt, we believe in keeping it simple. We hope that our users find these new agreements accessible, informative, and easy to understand.
  • We love our Tilters. We want to work with our users to help keep the Tilt community strong for many years to come.
  • We’re always raising the bar. We used the new terms and policy as an opportunity to show users that we’re dedicated to providing a world-class experience and that we take their privacy seriously.

For existing Tilt users, these changes will take effect immediately. For existing Tilt/Open users, these changes will take effect in October 6, 2015.   
If you have any questions about these changes or any feedback for us, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at happiness@tilt.com.

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