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The Top 15 Social Influencers At UConn

Over 3,000 UConn students across campus use the Tilt app and have raised over $500,000 for countless tailgates, parties, t-shirts, formals, trips, and rent payments. We were naturally curious to find out which students on campus were making it all happen.

We tapped our data team to create the Tilt Influence Score (TIS) by combining the size + frequency of tilts organized with the amount of contributions to other tilts. This list represents students who are collecting cold hard cash to transform ideas into reality at UConn…

The Top 15 Social Influencers at UConn

Ben “Big Ben” Marienthal
Influence Score: 4,626
Featured tilt: Annual Fourth of July Weekend; $625 from 114 contributors
Kim “YOLO” Roland
Influence Score: 5,126
Featured tilt: Baskets for Olivia and Neviah; $95 from 50 contributors
Megan “Tilt Queen” Elizabeth
Influence Score: 5,605
Featured tilt: Beer Olympics; $321 from 24 contributors
Alex “Alliteration” Asher
Influence Score: 5,766
Featured tilt: Tailgate Bus; $1,220 from 82 contributors
Jack “Of All Trades” Santella
Influence Score: 5,890
Featured tilt: Thursday at The Dime; $259 from 29 contributors
Eric “Always Ready” Stettner
Influence Score: 6,073
Featured tilt: Water and Batteries; $51 from 6 contributors
Jason “Jason Mraz” Mraz
Influence Score: 6,403
Featured tilt: Dues; $5,040 from 18 contributors
David “Praying Mantis” Mathis
Influence Score: 6,529
Featured tilt: Formal; $7,849 from 30 contributors
Melissa “FTW” Noelle
Influence Score: 7,097
Featured tilt: Party Buses to R3HAB; $1,426 from 42 contributors
Brendan “The Rock” Roche
Influence Score: 7,329
Featured tilt: Wifi; $105 from 6 contributors
Ronnie “Gold” Slager
Influence Score: 8,978
Featured tilt: Uno De Mayo Tanks; $775 from 28 contributors
Samantha “Stars and Bars” Haley
Influence Score: 9,183
Featured tilt: Homecoming Game Buses; $1,790 from 201 contributors
Justin “Cut Me Off A Slice Of That” Mango
Influence Score: 9,467
Featured tilt: Thursday; $135 from 14 contributors
Matt “The Dude” Truedson
Influence Score: 10,419
Featured tilt: Formal Ticket; $7,000 from 44 contributors
Gabe “Never Let Go” Riel
Influence Score: 13,608
Featured tilt: Rent; $2,450 from 7 contributors

Go Huskies!

You can check out your TIS score in the Tilt app (for iOS and Android).

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