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The Top 15 Social Influencers At Texas Tech

Over 3,000 Texas Tech students across campus use the Tilt app and have raised over $1.7 million for countless tailgates, parties, t-shirts, formals, trips, and rent payments. We were naturally curious to find out which students on campus were making it all happen.

We tapped our data team to create the Tilt Influence Score (TIS) by combining the size + frequency of tilts organized with the amount of contributions to other tilts. This list represents students who are collecting cold hard cash to transform ideas into reality at Texas Tech…

The Top 15 Social Influencers at Texas Tech

Leon “Vigilante” Vigil
Influence Score: 7,523
Featured tilt: House Party; $200 from 17 contributors
Forbes “I’ll Be Here All Day” Jones
Influence Score: 7,736
Featured tilt: Alumni Darty; $325 from 20 contributors
Mason “Tasty Waves” Salinas
Influence Score: 8,165
Featured tilt: Jersey Banger; $425 from 43 contributors
Jake “Remember The Alamo” Williford
Influence Score: 8,257
Featured tilt: Dukes of Hazard; $2,000 from 46 contributors
JonRoss “Lil’ Jon” Roark
Influence Score: 8,821
Featured tilt: Summer Utilities; $612 from 3 contributors
Landon “Don’t Mess With Texas” Currier
Influence Score: 9,337
Featured tilt: Corndog’s 21st Birthday Bash; $395 from 53 contributors
Schuyler “Tilted Till I Die” Crouch
Influence Score: 12,785
Featured tilt: Food; $13 from 7 contributors
Austin “Paint It” Black
Influence Score: 14,06
Featured tilt: Utilities; $385 from 1 contributor
Bill “Wild Bill” Snyder
Influence Score: 15,142
Featured tilt: Islander Build; $635 from 26 contributors
Taylor “The Chosen One” Cooper
Influence Score: 17,015
Featured tilt: Anchor Splash Dues; $50 from 5 contributors
John “Highway To The Danger Zone” Erlinger
Influence Score: 22,080
Featured tilt: End of Semester Banger; $285 from 55 contributors
Justin “Tilt The World” Dumbeck
Influence Score: 23,143
Featured tilt: Darty; $570 from 91 contributors
Andrew “What A Time To Be Alive” Venincasa
Influence Score: 24,188
Featured tilt: Low Hoop; $5,400 from 49 contributors
Larry “The Cable Guy” Sparks
Influence Score: 50,195
Featured tilt: Buffalo Bills; $101 from 2 contributors
Jackson “King of The Hill” Smith
Influence Score: 58,382
Featured tilt: Greek Row Concert Contest; $167 from 107 contributors

Wreck ’em, Tech!

You can check out your TIS score in the Tilt app (for iOS and Android).

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