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The Top 15 Social Influencers at Ole Miss

Over 6,000 Ole Miss students across campus use the Tilt app and have raised over $1.3 million for countless tailgates, parties, t-shirts, formals, trips, and rent payments. We were naturally curious to find out which students on campus were making it all happen.

We tapped our data team to create the Tilt Influence Score (TIS) by combining the size + frequency of tilts organized with the amount of contributions to other tilts. This list represents students who are collecting cold hard cash to transform ideas into reality at Ole Miss…

The Top 15 Social Influencers at Ole Miss

Sara “Bazooka” Kiparizoska
Influence Score: 8,271
Featured tilt: Ranch Party; $925 from 39 contributors
Michael “All In” Levin
Influence Score: 11,073
Featured tilt: Crayfish Boil; $12,530 from 350 contributors
Michael “Texas Hold ‘Em” Holman
Influence Score: 11,172
Featured tilt: Honors College Formal; $6,080 from 445 contributors
Noah “Make It Rain” Richardson
Influence Score: 11,793
Featured tilt: St. Paddy’s Day; $1,180 from 56 contributors
Murph “Upper 90” Butler
Influence Score: 12,160
Featured tilt: Bid Day Shirts; $1,221 from 69 contributors
Mark “Just Tap It In” Sandefur
Influence Score: 12,820
Featured tilt: Arkansas Tailgate; $335 from 44 contributors
Denver “Omelette” Clinton
Influence Score: 13,507
Featured tilt: Lacrosse Day Party; $665 from 42 contributors
Jacob “Jake From State Farm” Lovett
Influence Score: 16,052
Featured tilt: Paddy Shirt; $3,480 from 142 contributors
Lorenzo “Can Do” Cantu
Influence Score: 16,878
Featured tilt: Pledge Class Party; $553 from 63 contributors
Chas “Bring on The Night” Barber
Influence Score: 17,606
Featured tilt: KA Summer Rush Tee; $1,213 from 72 contributors
Carmen “San Diego” Woods
Influence Score: 19,569
Featured tilt: Bar Crawl Shirtzzz; $1,420 from 70 contributors
Peter “The Sequel” Srebnick
Influence Score: 21,645
Featured tilt: Grove Tent A&M; $990 from 99 contributors
Barrett “Bank” Teller
Influence Score: 24,520
Featured tilt: Halloween Party Necessities; $703 from 103 contributors
Caleb “Pete” Carroll
Influence Score: 24,536
Featured tilt: Woodstock; $11,550 from 206 contributors
Spencer “Can’t Spell Tilt Without Lit” Hughes
Influence Score: 35,465
Featured tilt: The Ying Yang Twins; $6,255 from 73 contributors

Hoddy Todddy!

You can check out your TIS score in the Tilt app (for iOS and Android).

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