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Tilt Nation Growing in the UK

Back in July, we nipped across the pond to bring Tilt to the UK for the first time. Now, as we celebrate our three month anniversary in this green and pleasant land, we’re also celebrating the incredible growth that all your tilting has brought us.

Check out these quick stats:

  • In the UK, the average tilt collects £170 with the help of at least 5 contributors
  • We’re growing 41% month-over-month on university campuses globally

So what have you all been using Tilt for? Some of you, it seems, are very brave (or maybe just plain mad)—we’ve seen people raise funds to scale a London building for charity, pool money for 5-a-side football, dinner with friends, or organise a group holiday.

Your tilts show us that you love food, charity, and events (sounds about right, no?). You’re also very tapped in on mobile — more than 70% of you created tilts through the iOS or Android app.  

Uni students, never ones to miss a piece of the action, are downloading the app in droves. Since our launch, we’ve received over 1,000 applications from students who want to join our UK Ambassador program, and we’re excited to be welcoming many more to the team!

We hate to play favourites, but here are the top tilts so far:

  • Students at St. Andrews used Tilt to organise dinner tables, tickets and swag to fundraise over £20,000 for their annual, gloriously eccentric, Welly Ball (yup, black tie and wellies) in support of the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust
  • The community of Huddersfield pooled £400 together with the help of 32 contributors to buy tents for refugees in Calais
  • Duedil employee Shaun is whipping his (somewhat cooperative) office into shape by having them all chip in on Tilt to buy office yoga mats
  • Nottingham Jewish Society sold over 900 tickets for their annual knees-up, Booze For Jews
  • Tom Blackwood, the kind of student we all wish we’d either been or befriended at uni, tilted a post-exams holiday rental with 20 friends in the South of France
  • The Sheffield Medics Rugby team uses Tilt weekly to collect money for petrol and organise team socials  

St. Andrews students tilting Welly Ball


Tom tilted a house in France with his crew

In honour of our three month milestone in the UK, we’re contributing £10 to pay any tilt from now until 2016 using the promo code: mistletoe*. 

Get started here or through iOS/Android.

*Collects over £50 with a minimum of 3 contributors  

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