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How-to: Throw the Best Damn Holiday Party

It’s that time! The horrors of US election season, midterms, and pumpkin spiced everything are all but behind us, and the festive season is right around the corner. That means a whole host of potlucks, office parties, end of term ragers, and of course, New Year’s Eve.

Whatever event you are considering organizing we wanted to pass on some tips and tricks to make it the best event possible to help you celebrate the end of 2016 in style…

1. Share early and share often

There’s so much going on at this time of year it’s important to separate your event from the rest. Cut through that noise by launching early on social media, and spreading the word every way you can. Tilt makes that easier with auto-reminders for invited guests and the almighty boosted referral.

2. Use Tickets, you’ll thank me later

Whether you’re inviting 25 people to a fancy Christmas party or 500 to a casual pancake night, tickets are an easy way to keep track of attendees. It’ll also make the night run that much smoother and enable you to entertain a much wider audience.

3. Office/Team/Floor/Family Parties are supposed to suck

Don’t make them worse by having a few too many jager bombs and turning into Buzz Killington.

4. Mulled wine is holiday cheer in a glass

Trust me – this is the best damn recipe. Be warned, it’s potent stuff.

5. Don’t commit before you’re sure!

There’s nothing worse than a half filled nightclub or a potluck with all side dishes. Test demand using Tilt and don’t pull the trigger on paying for the event before you’ve sold enough tickets! You can also ask for information from guests after they’ve purchased so you know dietary restrictions, music preferences, and ugly holiday sweater sizes.

Go. Make something happen.

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