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The Top 15 Social Influencers at UT Austin

Over 6,000 UT Austin students across campus use the Tilt app and have raised over $2.5 million for countless tailgates, parties, t-shirts, formals, trips, barges, and rent payments. We were naturally curious to find out which students on campus were making it all happen.
We tapped our data team to create the Tilt Influence Score (TIS) by combining the size + frequency of tilts organized with the amount of contributions to other tilts. This list represents students who are collecting cold hard cash to transform ideas into reality at UT…

The Top 15 Social Influencers at UT Austin

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Crawford “Crawdaddy” Thompson
Influence Score: 14,760
Featured tilt: Texas Energy Management Club Dues; $260 from 13 contributors
Grace “Triple Platinum” Margaret
Influence Score: 14,992
Featured tilt: Senior Shirts; $1,610 from 46 contributors
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Paxton “Pay The Man” Moore
Influence Score: 15,266
Featured tilt: Space Jam Party; $3,490 from 321 contributors
Grant “Danny” Glover
Influence Score: 15,496
Featured tilt: Island Party; $3,360 from 34 Contributors
Denis “The Menace” Fletcher
Influence Score: 15,867
Featured tilt: Party Bus; $925 from 29 contributors
Mimi “Remember The Alamo” Richardson
Influence Score: 15,945
Featured tilt: Junior Hangout; $2,250 from 72 contributors
Wilson “Let’s Do It Live” Jeckovich
Influence Score: 16,069
Featured tilt: Rage For The Cure; $12,340 from 586 contributors
Kevin “Bring Home The Bacon” Ken
Influence Score: 20,589
Featured tilt: SAE Berckenridge; $18,245 from 44 contributors
Marshall “Pics or It Didn’t Happen” Henry
Influence Score: 20,694
Featured tilt: Cubs Game; $1,107 from 26 contributors
Will “There’s A Way” Duke
Influence Score: 20,966
Featured tilt: Studio 54 T-Shirts; $4,005 from 160 contributors
Will “Don’t Call Me Shirley” Temple
Influence Score: 21,413
Featured tilt: SAE Vegas T-Shirts; $2,160 from 88 contributors
Dylan “You Fancy, Huh” Clancy
Influence Score: 23,061
Featured tilt: NYE Party; $3,032 from 306 contributors
Scott “Stogies? Why Not” Ellerman
Influence Score: 25,479
Featured tilt: New Year’s Eve at Cheers Shot Bar; $25,016 from 233 contributors
Darya “Treat Yo Self” Molavi
Influence Score: 26,355
Featured tilt: 80’s In Aspen T-Shirts; $2,645 from 137 contributors
Blake “Show Me The Money” Waltrip
Influence Score: ,38,342
Featured tilt: Notre Dame Bus; $2,378 from 47 contributors

Hook ‘Em!

You can check out your TIS score in the Tilt app (for iOS and Android).

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  • Joshua Richardson

    Lol, who are these people? Why are none of their featured tilts meme-related?

    Once, I raised an entire $0.47 from a bunch of loose change on the ground.

    So, if we’re talking statistics here, that was money that was unclaimed. I raised that money from 0 people.

    [the limit as n -> 0] of (0.47/n) = infinity

    I raised infinite money per person on my campaign: without even using Tilt.

    Get rekt.