The Top 15 Social Influencers at UF

Over 3,000 University of Florida students across campus use the Tilt app and have raised over $480,000 for countless tailgates, parties, t-shirts, formals, trips, and rent payments. We were naturally curious to find out which students on campus were making it all happen.

We tapped our data team to create the Tilt Influence Score (TIS) by combining the size + frequency of tilts organized with the amount of contributions to other tilts. This list represents students who are collecting cold hard cash to transform ideas into reality at Florida…

The Top 15 Social Influencers at UF

Shaun “L-I-V-I-N” Civin
Influence Score: 6,061
Featured tilt: Friday Night; $208 from 30 contributors
Kevin “Not Flexing” Sauncho
Influence Score: 6,885
Featured tilt: Florida Georgia Tailgate; $2,605 from 86 contributors
Austin “Big Gaines” Haines
Influence Score: 7,154
Featured tilt: Gameday Mechanical Bull; $930 from 88 contributors
Dennis “The Menace” Lopez
Influence Score: 8,399
Featured tilt: Pregame; $65 from 10 contributors
Clay “Tasty Waves” Crevasse
Influence Score: 8,909
Featured tilt: Nike Dri-Fit Gameday Polos; $1,175 from 23 contributors
Joey “Wheelhouse” Whelihan
Influence Score: 9,675
Featured tilt: Push America Formal; $430 from 15 contributors
Chris “I Am The Captain Now” Caplan
Influence Score: 10,171
Featured tilt: Kappa Sig Summer Tanks; $256 from 16 contributors
Grant Wishner
Influence Score: 10,853
Featured tilt: Pi Kapp Athletic Shirts; $886 from 39 contributors
Kris “Kringle” Frydenberg
Influence Score: 11,484
Featured tilt: Summer Rush Tees; $351 from 26 contributors
Ashley “YOLO” Dunson
Influence Score: 14,182
Featured tilt: Formal; Shirts; 188 shirts sold at $15 each
Chandler “Bing” Reed
Influence Score: 18,244
Featured tilt: Beach Trip 2016; $825 from 39 contributors
Ethan “Chosen One” Chosnek
Influence Score: 18,369
Featured tilt: PDT Formal; $675 from 27 contributors
Chris “Dollar Dollar Bills, Y’all” Lee
Influence Score: 21,388
Featured tilt: FSU Gameday; $3,825 from 160 contributors
Mark “The Shark” Rottensteiner
Influence Score: 31,817
Featured tilt: Float Trip; $1,145 from 57 contributors
Joseph “Big Tilt” Cannella
Influence Score: 37,334
Featured tilt: FL/GA Tailgate; $1,180 from 58 contributors

Go Gators!

You can check out your TIS score in the Tilt app (for iOS and Android).

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