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Tilt your campus is a series of posts that detail the different ways you can use Tilt around campus.

This post is written by the Wolff himself.  Ian Wolff is a UConn Tilt College Ambassador and is responsible for some of the most epic tailgates of all time.  

It doesn’t matter if your school’s football team is going to qualify for the college playoffs or still searching for their first win in ten years, tailgating is a critical part of the college experience. Want to raise thousands of dollars and have hundreds of people attend your tailgate? Look no further, the answer is written and illustrated below.

Get your friends together

Start a group on facebook, talk to the social chairs of organizations or send out a fleet of carrier pigeons. It doesn’t matter how but you want everyone to know you’re hosting the best tailgate on gameday.  It’s all about hype.  Get people excited and promise an epic day.

Start a Tilt, and start it early

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Start a campaign and sell tickets for your tailgate (I did $15). The sooner your start the Tilt the earlier people will commit to your tailgate, and that just makes more people buy tickets.  One of the best parts of Tilt is the social pressure it creates.  Your friends see all these people coming, and they are saying to themselves… “I gotta get in on this!”

Pro Tip: Make sure to end the campaign in time to get the money and make the purchases before Saturday.

Another Pro Tip:  If you want to see the formula I used click here for my Tilt Tailgate Template.

Another, another Pro Tip: You can never have too many Pro Tips.

Buy Drinks, then buy some more, then just to be safe… get even more than that

Tailgaters who have enough to drink are happy Tailgaters. You will get run out of town if the well runs dry so I recommend getting a lot of alcohol.  A truck full seems to be the safest amount.  No seriously… get a truck full.  See picture below.

Food for 300 People

If you tailgate hard, and you should, at some point you will need sustenance to continue your zealous support of the team. Whether you choose to grill dogs and burgers or order 42 feet of sandwiches (see photo) a full stomach is a tailgater’s friend.

Pro Tip: Don’t pick food by committee.  Everyone will have their own weird preferences.  Pick something that will satisfy 85% of the people there.  If you are having trouble deciding, just go for dogs and burgers.

Soundtrack of my Life/Tailgate

People always say their life would be better with a soundtrack… and that is totally true. Whether you hire a DJ or brings speakers and hook them up to an iPhone and Pandora; some background tunes will take your tailgate from Division 3 to Pro Bowl levels.

My Flagpole is Bigger than your Flagpole

Whether its the flag of your organization or ole glory herself go out and get yourself the biggest flag and the biggest flagpole you can find so everyone knows how to find the best tailgate of day.

Art of the Underhand Toss: Tailgate games

Your friends have drinks, food and are listening to tunes… time to get involved with the proper tailgate games. Cornhole, canjam and ladderball are my top picks. Anything involving an underhand toss deserves to be played on gameday. Also, make sure you bring some tables and cups to play all of your favorite drinking games.

Own the Moment

You have done all the hard work getting the food and the drinks and gathering everyone together so now it is time to step back and enjoy what you have put together for your school and cheer on the team… and if you can incorporate spraying champagne over a crowd into that, I highly recommend it.

Have any tips or some crazy experiences of yourself? Post em below

Ian Wolff is a Uconn Tilt Campus Ambassador and he godfather of Tailgates. Ian splits his time between losing at fantasy football, being on the UCONN Ski Team, and studying the finer points of procrastination.


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