Introducing: Ticketing with Tilt!

Impressed by the many amazing events that our great community has tilted in the past year—and inspired by the valuable feedback received from our event organizers—we wanted to make Tilt even better for hosting small to large-scale events. 

Today, we’re really excited to launch Ticketing within Tilt to help make hosting events for anything from 50 to 100 to 500 all the way up to 10,000+ people much easier. Our new Ticketing feature gives you the ability to automatically issue tickets with a QR code, quickly check in attendees’ tickets at the door, issue refunds, and allow for seamless ticket transfers so that you can focus on what’s most important—running your event!

Ticketing with Tilt is available for event organizers in all our supported countries. And tickets can be purchased from all over the world!

How does it work?

Sell tickets without risk—With Tilt’s all-or-nothing approach, your event is only confirmed once a minimum number of tickets have been sold. Until this number is hit, no one will get charged for their purchase. While this approach is totally optional, it can help you minimize risks and ensure you always break-even. If you like, you can also set a maximum number of tickets available (comes in handy if your venue has a maximum capacity). 



Tickets are issued automatically—Once the event is tilted and confirmed, attendees automatically receive their tickets that are easily accessible from their email inbox, the Tilt mobile app, or from a link to a mobile web view. Each ticket comes with a unique QR code and can only be used once after being scanned by your team. Tickets can also easily be transferred to others.

Check in attendees in seconds—Using the Tilt mobile app, you can quickly check in attendees at the door by scanning the QR code found on the attendee’s ticket or by searching for the ticket holder’s name on your attendee list. Syncing with multiple devices allows you to cover multiple entrances to your venue and get people in as fast as possible. Attendees will also be able to self-redeem their tickets at the door.


Reach a wider audience of qualified buyers through Tilt’s social features—With Tilt’s social referral features, you can make it super easy for your attendees  to become advocates and invite friends after their purchase. Buyers can tag their friends to your event and share a tracked URL with their social network. You also get visibility into which attendees have become the biggest advocates in bringing others to the event. This is HUGE if you want to incentivize people to be the top 10 or top 25 or top X “referrers” to your event. Tilt’s social distribution FTW!

You can further boost these referrals by even more customized incentives, maximizing the number of people referred. Want to give 10% off for every friend somebody refers? Want to offer folks the chance to refer three friends, get your ticket for free? These specialized social incentive features are in beta right now, but contact us, and we’ll work with you to boost your referrals. 

Build up your followersDo you throw events often? Then you’re going to love this feature. As people purchase from you on Tilt, they become followers of yours with one-click purchasing and notification capabilities when you create another event. Host parties each week? Host yoga classes in the park? Host tailgates every gameday? You can easily (and optionally) notify your followers every time you create a tilt page! And they’ve got their credit card details on file to join and invite others in seconds.

Issue refunds and contact attendees easily through the appIn case attendees can’t make it to your event and weren’t able to find a friend to transfer their ticket to, you’ll be able to issue refunds via mobile and web while your tilt is still active. If something unexpected happens and you need to issue refunds after the tilt has closed, contact us and we’ll help you out! 

And you can easily get in touch with attendees leading up to your event, and even the day of, through messages or updates on your tilt page. Attendees get your messages or updates via email or push notifications.

For more information about the Tilt Ticketing service fees, please see here.

Ready to get started? Create your event here and follow these steps to make it a success with Tilt!

We can’t wait to see the great experiences you’ll bring to your guests by using Tilt! If you need help getting set up, don’t hesitate to reach out—we’re happy to answer any questions!

“Tilt Ticketing’s QR code scanning is efficient and intuitive for the organizer and the contributor. Checking in attendees to events has never been easier using the scanning feature, as well as having real-time attendee search capability and ticket metrics accessible through the Tilt mobile app.”
—Nicholas Dale, All Axcess

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  • Matt Stefan

    This is a game changer!