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The Scribble Pen

Six days ago, a situation with a particular campaign came to our attention. In the spirit of transparency, I’m sharing this with the wider community.

So, what happened? In short, we learned that the demo video in the Scribble Pen campaign was potentially misleading and misrepresentative of any actual product. In addition to what we felt was misleading within the videos, there were also several discrepancies we found with information given to backers and provided to us, things that continued to make us doubt the legitimacy of this project. Upon the internal review, we requested additional information from the campaign organizers and provided a defined window of time for them to provide a new video of an actual, working prototype like seen in the video OR an in-person prototype of the pen.

Since these conditions were not satisfied, we decided that the best course of action to protect our community – both contributors and organizers – was to discontinue the campaign and refund 100% of all payments over the next three days.

At Tilt, we pride ourselves on building the most powerful and flexible set of crowdfunding tools on the web. Our white label, open source tool launched earlier this year, Tilt/Open, allows any organizer to not only crowdfund a product into reality, but give life to a new brand customers trust and love (Soylent is a perfect example).

To maintain a healthy crowdfunding ecosystem, we must always protect the interests of both campaign organizers and contributors. We’re inspired by the amazing products that have been built to-date on Tilt Open, and are fully committed to building a platform that will launch an incredible array of products and brands in years to come.

– James Beshara, CEO

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  • Melissa_04

    Again?! Ok, I’m done with these people and this damn pen.

    • Brian Klein

      Same here, burned twice!

      • Guest_47

        You were not burned! You were SAVED TWICE from losing your money. Why are you so eager to give your money to scammers?

    • sut

      I’m with Melissa and Brian. Thanks in advance, Tilt, for the refund.

    • gwkoren

      Thanks James!

    • Guest_47

      Did it never occurred to you that Kickstarter stopped the campaign because it was a scam? Why did anyone come over here and hand over their money when Kickstarter already warned you it was a scam?

      • HeyThereDelilah

        Kickstarter NEVER said that. Kickstarter wanted an updated video within 24 hours, something that even to a normal person sounds impossible. Scribble is the one who cancelled the campaign. And… on the first run, no one was charged. What does it even matter? Even if we were to be ripped off, all we’d need to do is put in a claim with our credit card and we’d get the money back anyway. Why are you over here? Did you give any money? I don’t see why someone who didn’t invest, would even know about this.

        • Actually what we (the backers) asked for was proof that they did indeed have a working prototype – which they said they did (you can still read those claims on the Kickstarter page).

          Put it this way. You have a pen on your desk probably, right? You have things that are different colors within reach, right? And you can probably take a video on your phone? You could create a video of you writing, “scanning”, writing, “scanning”, and writing again, upload to YouTube, and share the URL within 15 minutes or so.

          That’s all they had to do. Remember, they said that they had the working prototype right there in their office…

  • echo

    I’d like to know what about the demo video is misleading and misrepresentative.

    • Lightek


    • Guest_47

      Seriously? You can’t tell the video is fake? I mean… I wasn’t looking out for it, and it felt fake even before people started saying it was a scam. You really need to get your eyes checked, or something checked…

  • Lightek

    What exactly was the issue here?

  • Lightek

    I tried to rely and send an email to Tilt and is is not deliverable. Who is the bad organization here?

    • Hi @Lightek. Did you send it to campaignsupport@tilt.com? If so, do you mind resending it please? Thank you!

      • Lightek

        I just resent. Seems not to have been rejected this time

      • Troy Singh Chitnis

        Tilt thank you for you’re great communication better than other croudfunding sites

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  • bex

    I agree with Melissa_40. I may buy it when/if it’s ever actually on the market- but I won’t fund it again. Fool me once…

    • Guest_47

      It’s already been determined by almost everyone (well except you guys) that it’s a scam. This pen never existed.

  • Jan

    This does not reflect well on Scribble. ObvIously, something is wrong over at Scribble Pen if they can’t honor their business obligations with either Tilt and Kick Starter. Thank you Tilt for refunding my money.

  • Lightek

    Thank you Tilt in advance for the refund. Will not be doing this again.

  • Troy Singh Chitnis

    This is just sad I had so much faith in them. I knew it was fake but if they told us we have an idea and want you’re help ti make it a reality I would donate. So I guess this is the end of scribble. but I still have faith in mozbii but that campaign is uninteresting. but I know that scribble will re-launch one day. I Emailed tilt and said I think this is a scam and they said well look in to it so I guess they did. I have respect for tilts communication and service.

    • Guest_47

      Man, you are a nice guy. And nice guys never win. Seriously, don’t be so nice! People’ll will target you and take advantage of you. Less faith please!

  • greg493

    How great that you have this sort of scrutiny. Thanks guys.

  • Scribble Team

    Hello from the Scribble Team!

    We are writing to express our gratitude for supporting our idea and our dream and fill you in on the latest developments. Read our blog post for more http://getscribblepen.com/blog/

    • Discussa

      No way. You had your chance. You’ve not shot yourself in the foot, you’ve taken off your whole leg with a bazooka. Good day.

    • Guest_47

      Shut up and take my money already! Where is the pre-order form? I want to order about two dozen. Will this be ready in time for Christmas? I am gonna be the life of the party when I hand out Scribble pens as pressies. Sooooo excited!

  • SegaCD

    I am/was a supporter of this…but the one thing that always bugged me was how little TECHNICAL information Scribble released. The Pebble (which I funded) and the Oculus Rift, for example, showed prototypes over and over again and kept the contributors informed about product updates, not only from a functional but from a technological standpoint. I don’t understand why Scribble never and I do mean NEVER did this. I’m 99% thats the whole issue here. (Also, a little WTF, why was Pantone colors a $300,000 stretch goal? For a professional-use pen like this, Pantone should be the defacto standard (besides hex color definitions). (Licencing fees shouldn’t cost them that much.))
    We also have little background on the leads of the project themselves (Do they have anyone that is experienced in design and manufacture of electronics (or even pens)? Do they have experience producing and retailing items?)
    There is no proof that they have documentation on HOW to do this. If they’re too frightened to share some of this information, then they’re not ready to manufacture anything, let alone something as complex as the Scribble. Consumers/other companies are going to break these apart and see how they tick anyway as all popular/unique electronics have been in the past.
    The Scribble seems like such a cool concept, and there IS a way to make this happen. I fear that this may not be the route through which us consumers get it…

    • Guest_47

      Dude… you better just read the Kickstarter comments. We determined it was a scam on the first day (and no we did not back).

  • Lightek

    They say
    Hello from the Scribble Team!

    September 6, 2014 Leave a comment

    If you are reading this message, you are one of the thousands of supporters who believe in the magic of the Scribble Pen. We are writing to express our gratitude for supporting our idea and our dream and fill you in on the latest developments.

    Unfortunately, the folks at tilt.com have recently closed our campaign without reason. The issue at hand seems to be whether or not we have a working prototype of Scribble, despite clearly stating that this was not a condition of raising funds on their site prior to the start of our campaign.

    Despite our best efforts to resolve the matter with Tilt, they have not provided any material response. Therefore, we have made the difficult decision to end our crowd funding efforts and seek private investment for Scribble Pen in order to continue the pursuit of our dream. Any donations will be refunded to you per Tilt.com terms and conditions and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    We wanted to assure our supporters that Scribble is not a figment of our imagination or an attempt to defraud anyone in any way. We have been working tirelessly for the last two years to design and manufacture a product that we believe will change the world, and we are closer than ever to making that a reality. At very least, your support has shown us that others believe in our vision, and that makes all the difference.

    We appreciate your continued support and understanding and look forward to bringing Scribble to the masses! If you would like to receive updates on our progress, you can join our mailing list here: http://goo.gl/jbYSQI

    Warm Regards,

    The Scribble Team

    • HeyThereDelilah

      There is a reason. They’re full of it. Dropped twice for no reason? I don’t think so.

    • Guest

      Ah! Private investments! If you can’t full a community, let’s try to just fool ONE rich dude’s son. They might just pull it off!

  • Beth Van Allen

    Yep, dropped twice. I’m done. If it makes it to market, I’ll look into it again. But will not back again.

    • Guest_47

      What was going through your mind when Kickstarter cancelled it? That perhaps Kickstarter was wrong, and this might not be a scam? So you throw your money at these people again? Sorry for the bitchy attitude. I don’t know why I have such a mean streak today.

  • Jan

    Scribble pen people should consider taking their product to The Shark Tank show and let one of the show’s millionaires bid on funding it.

  • Ars Skeptica

    I’m trying to think about this critically, rather than either emotionally or practically (since I didn’t donate). On the one hand, Scribble, in a comment below, directly in response to the reasons given above (using the same language in the email I received this morning) claims the drop was for no reason. That makes no sense.

    On the other hand, Scribble claims that a working prototype is not one of Tilt’s conditions for raising funds, and Tilt has not addressed that. Is there no such condition or is there? Is there a clause in the agreement that allows internal review to trump a “no prototype condition” clause?

    Scribble has a gotcha. Tilt, what’s your position on whether or not such cancellation is appropriate within the context of your terms?

    • Dragonbait

      The problem isn’t that they don’t have a prototype.
      It’s that they are selling the campaign on the fact that they have a fully working prototype (“We’ve been in the design process for two years and the Scribble has gone
      through various design changes to get it to where we are now, a working
      prototype that’s ready for use in home and business applications.”), and even faked a video to show a working prototype, when in fact they don’t have one.

    • Guest_47

      What Scribble has is an idea. I also have an idea. A Mars colony. Let’s draw some pretty pics and ask for a couple of million.

  • Random Stuart

    Maybe it will be 3rd time lucky?

    • Guest_47

      Yeah!!! They have an order form and everything. Must try again!! (I am being sarcastic in case you can’t tell.)

  • Guest_47

    What is wrong with you people? I am gonna be super mean, but please stop being so ignorant and gullible and 1. watch the demo video clearly, and 2. read the comments on Kickstarter! It has been determined that this was a SCAM weeks ago and here are guys who look like they have just woken up and wonder what’s going on? You guys are so damn lucky that Kickstarter AND Tilt saved your arses from being burned TWICE! If only I could have all your email addresses, it’s a gold mine here. I could sell anything and you’d lap it up. Yeah, sorry I am being so mean.

  • Beth Van Allen

    Looked like a great item. I draw as a hobby and just do little stuff when I have the time. I do not back items I do not believe will work. Reading Scribble’s blog that they do not even have a working prototype at this time – well – see ya Scribble. I was optimistic twice, and was looking forward to trying a new product. Whether it worked or not – it would have either been my loss or gain. As of now though – I’ll keep an eye out, see if it actually makes it to market. But it won’t be with my backing initially.

  • j3fk

    At least Tilt has people with brains running it unlike the morons who were funding this campaign (twice even[?], c’mon people!)….

  • mpr2000

    It’s been more than a week and I didn’t have my money refund. Why?

    • Happy to help!

      All payments to the Scribble Pen campaign have been successfully refunded.

      There is sometimes a delay in the bank posting the refund to online statements, but it should be reflected on your statement shortly if it hasn’t appeared already.

      The refund will appear on your statement as BAL*SCRIBBLE

      If you have any more questions, you can contact campaignsupport@tilt.com and we’ll get back to you right away!

  • Check this out (image link of screenshot provided):
    I received the latest invitation from Scribble to be a beta tester. They were asking me to provide my credit card data… No way!

    • j3fk

      Yeah, they’ve been sending them out for weeks now. There’s some idiot on youTube arguing with me and telling me that I’ll be so jelz once he gets his later this month. He refuses to explain but assures me he knows how it works and it is not magic.

    • Froggy

      Lol the photo of the credit card info at the bottom
      “We will get your shipping information later” HAHAH

  • Alexa

    Thanks a lot.

  • Marco

    Thank you James for my refund. Totally disappointed of the ¨project

    Line Items: Scribble Pen ($249)

    Color: Arctic White

    Unit Price: $249

    Quantity: 1

    Shipping: $15

    Taxes: $0.00

    Total: $264

  • Marco

    Still not get my refund

  • I never got refunded for my purchases. Can I get refunded?

  • Christine

    Ordered one of these pens. How do I get my money back!?

  • Sarah Tatjana

    I just saw this post now and purchased two pens spent (Total: $144 + $354 ) Where do I get my refund? I purchased this on 3/7/16. I have proof of purchase as well. Can somebody please help me?