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Red Dress Success

Many Greek chapters use Tilt to raise funds for their philanthropy, so we wanted to highlight one of our users at The University of Delaware who found it extremely helpful for her sorority’s annual Red Dress Gala.

As with many Greek organizations, Alpha Phi chapters have a signature philanthropy event that spans across the majority of their 163 chapters in the US and Canada. Hannah and her roommates use Tilt almost weekly and it has made their lives a lot easier, but as Red Dress Gala Chair she knew this would be a great fit for their chapter’s first time using Tilt.

“I would love to help spread the word about Tilt to other Alpha Phi chapters, because I think it has the possibility of being easing money collection for philanthropy and other departments. That being said, if any chapters reach out with questions regarding incorporating Tilt into their event please feel free to pass them along my contact!”


How to set up your philanthropy fundraiser on Tilt

  1. If you’re selling tickets to a philanthropy event (and a portion of sales will cover the event overhead), make sure to set up your tilt as a “Collect” or “Sell something” tilt. These funds will need to be sent to your chapter (and the proceeds will be sent to the charity). If you’re raising funds that will go straight to the nonprofit however, make sure to select the “Fundraise” option – this will ensure that all donors receive a tax-deductible receipts and the funds raised go directly to the nonprofit your chapter is supportingfundraise
  2. If you are creating a Fundraise tilt, you’ll need to enter the official name and EIN number for the philanthropy your chapter supports (you can look it up here):new fundraise
  3. Once you have your Tilt page up, donations will be collected on direct behalf of the cause you’re fundraising for. For fundraising, a check will be made out directly to the nonprofit and sent to your chapter in the mail. For event tickets, a check will be made out to your chapter to help cover expenses (a critical component for many organizations that have membership billing platforms like Billhighway). tilt page
  4. The Red Dress Gala Hannah’s chapter hosts each year is primarily targeted at parents and alumni, and a great way for them to spread the word was to send invitations via Paperless Post. They included the Tilt link in the event description so everyone could purchase a ticket online.
  5. Hannah created a second page to collect additional donations for The Alpha Phi Foundation (which among many things benefits women’s cardiac health initiative), and another member set up a tilt for people to pitch-in for an added item to the auction table (an Apple watch!) applewatch

If you’re interested in using Tilt for your chapter’s philanthropy event (or getting in touch with Hannah to learn more about hers), email!


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