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4 Ways to Present Multiple Tilts

Have an event coming up that includes t-shirts, ticket sales and various options for your guests? And you want everyone to see all options and sign-up for everything in one place? When the experience you’re organizing can’t be restricted to just one tilt, you might be looking for a way to showcase them all together.

These are 4 ways we’ve seen users organize their tilts:


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SQUARESPACE. Tilt Ambassador Shawn You (Virginia Tech) used Squarespace to help the sororities and fraternities on campus set up a website for the various components of their philanthropy events (which typically include a combination of donations, t-shirts, and event ticket sales). Squarespace is user-friendly and provides templates that are completely customizable. Each layout is formatted in a different way and you can look up the various template options here (including changing fonts, pics, and layouts). Squarespace does charge a fee (monthy or annual) for each website that you create. Check out this list of quick tutorial videos for more info. Two examples of some of the pages Shawn built over Squarespace are Tri Delt’s Delta House of Pancakes donations and Lambda Chi’s Watermelon Bust.

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STRIKINGLY. Columbia Business school went above and beyond for their “Disorientation Week” (end of semester party) this past spring. They used Strikingly to set up a website that would include all event and ticket information. They waited a few days after promoting the week to release tickets, and almost all events sold out instantaneously because there was so much hype around it. We also saw Berkeley’s Haas School of Business use Strikingly to set up their C4C fundraising competition No Shave November, which kept the competitive spirit high as their cohorts competed to raise the most funds on campus.


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TILT WIDGETS. If you already have a website, this will make most sense for you. When the Haas student-led conference >play set up their tickets, they simply included the Tilt widgets on their existing event website (on a separate page for ticketing). Learn more about how you can embed your tilt’s widget on your own website here.

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PAGE BY TILT. Since we’ve been seeing a need for users to showcase all tilts in one place, we created a few sites for various users that needed a bit more help getting it set up. Business school students at Wharton had 7 separate tilts for tickets and bus passes for their recent U.S. Open Trek. On the undergrad side, we helped a few fraternities organize all the moving parts for their philanthropy events including an SAE chapter’s Paddy Murphy donations and t-shirts and quite a few Sigma Chi Derby Days events and donations.

Need a simple page for all your tilts organized by our team? Email and we can work with you on setting one up!

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