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Introducing: Pay, Request, and More!

Hold on to your shorts, Tilters! We’re thrilled to announce some game-changing new updates in our latest app release v3.0.?

While you’ve been out tilting dinners, parties, fundraisers, group trips, and even concerts this summer, we’ve been hard at work making our product even easier to use and more powerful for you. Check it out on iPhone or Android today!

Comment below with your favorite feature of the bunch, and we’ll randomly select a few to send Tilt stickers or a Tilt t-shirt! (We love hearing from you!)


1. Request and Pay — We’ve heard you loud and clear, and built peer-to-peer payments right into Tilt. In 2-3 taps, easily pay or request money from friends and family! It’s perfect for drinks, bills, ride-sharing, and more. Plus, it’s completely FREE to use.


2. Ticketing and QR codes for bigger events —  We’ve made it possible to issue tickets and easily check people in at the door. (We’re looking to see who can top bringing the Chainsmokers to their campus!) Learn more here.

3. Tilt referrals — If you’re planning an event or selling an item, you can get more people to join by automatically incentivizing your contributors to refer their friends to purchase as well. Learn more here.

4. Easily accept or decline invites — Never lose track of a party invite again. Just tap “Notifications” and check out the pending area at the top for outstanding invites/requests!


5. A more social feed — See what your Facebook friends are tilting! Now it’s easy to stay in the loop with events and see what your friends are up to. (Fun fact: The average tilter has over 100 friends already on the app! Now it’s even easier to see what they’re doing.)

6. 3D Touch: Quickly pay, request money, or start a tilt from your homescreen — For those who have 3D Touch on their iPhones, force touch on the Tilt app icon to start even more quickly.

7. Tilt Influence Score — We created a fun way to measure your social influence via Tilt. Head to your profile page to see how you stack up against your friends! (Only visible on iOS, but holler at us on Snapchat @tilthq if you want it for Android/web.)

8. Limit the number of items a person can buy: On our Sell Something feature, you can now set a limit to the number of items each person can buy. It’s great for parties, events, or sales where you want to limit it to a max per person.

9. Verifying addresses: To save you the hassle of potential typos or misdeliveries, we’ll verify your shipping address when buying something on Tilt!

10. GIF comments on web: When we asked what your favorite thing about the app was, GIFs were at the top of the list. So without further adieu, GIF comments are live on desktop too—go nuts!



Of all these awesome new features, being able to Request and Pay were the biggest you asked for. Here’s a little more on how they work:

  • It’s 100% FREE to use!
  • Pay your friend back in 3 taps: enter an amount, select your friend, and off the money goes! (For our international Tilters: it’s way easier than a bank transfer and all you need is your friends’ mobile number!) 
  • Front the cost of dinner? Request money from as many friends as you want. Everyone can see who has and hasn’t paid, which adds visibility so you can spend less time playing debt collector.
  • Hate having to withdraw funds? We automatically deposit money into your bank account on a daily basis, so you’ll never accidentally leave money in cyberspace again.
  • Try it for iPhone or Android today!

Large contributor@2x

We’re constantly inspired by all the ways you’ve brought our app into your lives and the unforgettable memories you’ve made with the people you care about. Our newest and best version of Tilt is a celebration of that! As always, can’t wait to see what you’ll tilt next. ?

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.09.44 PM

Download the latest version of the Tilt mobile app, give our new features a try, and let us know what you think!

app_store play_store


Much love,

The Tilt Team

P.S. Comment your thoughts below and we’ll randomly select a few to send Tilt stickers or a Tilt t-shirt. Excited to hear what you think of our latest features!


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  • Lee

    This looks so awesome! Will I be able to request money from multiple people at the same time?

  • Victor Yang

    The social pressure of paid/unpaid status can be a great motivator, but will that be optional or standard with posts? I can imagine some situations where privacy may be preferred. Love the app and these updates!

    • Hey Victor, great question! You can set the privacy of your requests and payments when spinning them up! Love the feedback, and thanks for tilting with us!

      • Victor

        Any updates on shirts? 🙂

  • Taylor Payne

    Are the sales tilts in development currently to be created and edited on mobile devices? One big thing that I don’t think was covered in this awesome new update. Love every new feature, as a beta for the request/pay, I am glad it is finally public!

    • Hi Taylor — thanks so much for your feedback during the BETA! Our product team really appreciated your fantastic input to make this great for everyone. You ROCK.

      That’s a great idea, and we’re planning some exciting updates like that soon — stay tuned… 😉

  • Nicholas Chen

    Wow, nice work Tilt! I use all the time to organize fun events for my friends and all I can say is that Tilt is the only crowd-sourcing app payment which I use to organize these events. I am very glad that you guys continue to improve the app by listening to user requests.

  • Bryce Bettag

    It all sounds wonderful! I can’t wait to see this post go viral today! #getTilted

  • Ball

    Tilt is on fire at FSU, if you aren’t on this app– you’re missing out! Love the new request and pay feature, it’s a game changer.

  • Michaela Hine

    Sounds brilliant – love the request and pay, seems so simple and hassle-free (I always seem to be the one paying on behalf of others and then hate chasing them up constantly). I will make sure to keep Tilt in mind when I next pay for the group!

  • René

    Thrilled to have an even easier way to request/send from my housemates/friends/family!

  • Bhavik Vyas

    Tilt is seriously making payments so simple and social. The convenience is incredible, and with everything from sending money to a friend, to selling tickets for an event being done on one platform, you couldn’t ask for more!

  • Katy Hulm

    Are you thinking about integrating ticketing with the iOS wallet for tickets?

    • Great suggestion, Katy! We’ll pass this on to the product team to look into. Maybe we can roll it out with a “event date” and “event location” update as well 🙂

      You rock — love the creative ideas!

  • Jackson Mallady

    MAJOR KEY ALERT You guys are awesome!

  • An Nguyen

    I love the new newsfeed! I see what hood rat things my degenerate friends are up to!

  • James Michael Palladino

    The QR codes will make it much easier to throw large events!!

    • Word. Can’t wait to see it in action on your next big party / event, James!! ? We’ve done our best to help you easily check in your friends in a snap.

      Thanks for tilting with us!

      Stay classy,
      The Tilt Team

  • Rohit Karnati

    Wow this is a great I can’t wait to start using it

  • Ariana Roland

    I LOVE how this is 100% free. With venmo, I had to keep paying some hidden fees so this is a great upgrade from that!

  • djrottenrobbie

    I ❤️️ Tilt!
    I ❤️️ Large T-shirts!

    Rob Doughty aka dj rotten robbie
    PO Box 386
    Napa, CA 94559

  • Aron McCabe

    Can I do my fantasy football collection and payouts again?

  • Logan Andrews

    I love this app!! Tilt has been by far the best way to transfer funds and makes organizing Greek events a breeze. Now its even easier after the update. Big thanks to the tilt squad keep up the great work!! ???

  • Jake Dobson

    Is it instant like Square Cash used to be? If so, I’m switching to tilt for sending money to anyone! Still much more useful when gathering money from multiple people for the same event.

  • Game changer!!! You guys are going to give Venmo a run for their money. Love the ticketing and sales options too.

  • Tedmon Tran

    I’m excited to hear about these new features! Here’s hoping the app continues to function and doesn’t crash

  • Lily Elliott

    Finally a way to pay/request without the hassle of hundreds of passwords, secure keys etc! Very excited for this update!

  • Paul Braswell

    Nice to see you adding 3dtouch and QR codes. Both are going to save my friends and I a bunch of time.

  • Daniel Banan

    Tilts getting better and better keep up the good work team!

  • ⊥ᵒᵚ Cᵸᵎᶺᵋ⤷╨ᵒᵘ

    Coor. I have an app that could go ‘full tilt’ for some of that new stuff !

  • Kevin Cusack III

    The idea of visibility is smart, this has been a necessity with online payment options for ages!

  • Dunovan Rodgers

    I like how Tilt is introducing more features and setting itself apart from competing services.

  • James

    Wow this is amazing!! Makes being a FF commissioner so much easier!

  • very nice!

  • Timothy D Balogh

    Request and Pay is by far the best. But the QR codes for events is amazing.

  • Zachary Lytle

    Is Tilt Request & Pay 100% fee-free, with all major credit card providers?

  • David Austin

    I thought your process was atrocious when I tried it 6 months ago … seemed to be the perfect way to insure that others would *not* contribute to a campaign by making it has hard for them as humanly possible. I’ll have to check it out when I have some time, but not now. It would have to be tremendously better than it was, and I have my doubts.

  • Steven Ta

    Excited for the new upgrade !

  • Aaron

    I love how the app is free of charge and works so smoothly

  • Ian Leadley

    Great update y’all. My roommates and I use Tilt to split bills, but I definitely see how I could use it with other friends now too.

  • Don Dao

    RIP Venmo. so glad y’all finally rolled out pay and request, and ticketing looks awesome too

  • Girirajsinh Gohil

    cool !!