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How Tilt helped I’m Shmacked become a dominant party brand on US college campuses

I’m Shmacked, one of the fastest growing party brands in the world, was looking for a new solution to easily sell tickets and seamlessly check-in attendees at its incredible parties across US college campuses. With Tilt’s ticketing feature, I’m Shmacked finally found a platform that brings everything it needed together in one place:

  • I’m Shmacked used Tilt to confirm demand for its events up front by setting a minimum ticket amount and only charging purchasers and holding events once they reach that amount.
  • Over 60% of ticket sales were on mobile contributions with a mobile conversion rate of 15% thanks to Tilt’s intuitive one-tap app checkout process.
  • Tilt’s Boosted Referral feature encourages ticket buyers to invite their friends to join them at its events. On average, I’m Shmacked sees 250 new invites from ticket purchasers referring its events to their friends and for its recent party at Syracuse, 10% of referrals also bought tickets.
  • I’m Shmacked’s staff checked in hundreds of event attendees in minutes by using Tilt’s built-in check-in features including a QR code scanner.  

I’m Shmacked began as a video startup filming campus life and scoring more than 25 million views on YouTube and has now become one of the fastest-growing party brands on US college campuses. By leveraging the reach of their viral videos to help distribute their tilted events, I’m Shmacked has been able to create a new movement among US college students. For example, I’m Shmacked’s most recent event, a collaboration with Foam and Glow at the University of Arizona, sold over 750 tickets on Tilt.

shmacked10“The nice thing with Tilt is that we’re able to market the event directly through social media and then send the tickets to attendees on the same platform,” says Nicholas Dale, Director of Events at All Axcess Tour (I’m Shmacked’s Ops Team).

Prior to using Tilt, I’m Shmacked had ticketing arrangements with a variety of ticketing companies. Using multiple platforms made it difficult to effectively get tickets to their purchasers, resulting in confusion and time-consuming troubleshooting—sometimes only hours before the show.

“Tilt really brings everything together under a nice little roof. It’s a social crowdfunding platform that makes marketing super easy for us. All of that combined with the ticketing feature allows us to have one place to market our event, sell tickets, check in attendees and track our metrics,” Nicholas said.

Prior to using Tilt’s built check-in feature, I’m Shmacked had to request ticket scanning devices from various ticketing companies. There was a large, complicated effort involved in training their staff on how to use and maintain the scanning devices during check-in.

“With Tilt, it took me a minute to train five different employees on how to use the check-in feature in the app. For us, this really was a game changer,” Nicholas said. “Ticketing with Tilt is not only built to onboard users and issue tickets quickly, but also designed to get them through the door with zero hassle.”

Nicholas and team were impressed by the scanning feature and the contributor search allowing them to check in hundreds of people in no time.

“I haven’t worked with a solution before that is so well integrated with every part of our event management process.”
—Nicholas Dale, Director of Events at All Axcess Tour


Going forward, Nicholas and the I’m Shmacked team are especially excited about the metric tools Tilt is currently building for event organizers. Gaining valuable insights on the biggest influencers on Tilt and how they’re referring others to I’m Shmacked events will help make its marketing efforts more personalized and targeted in the future.

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