Collect Money For Football Tailgating

Collect Money For Football Tailgating

As any football fan knows, there’s nothing like a great tailgate party before the big game on campus. Hanging out with your friends in the parking lot, feasting on hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, pizza, and any other favorite foods while washing them down with a cold drink is a great way to get the day of the big game started. However, it costs money to buy all that food for your tailgate party. To make sure you get all the food and drinks you need to have your tailgate be the talk of your fellow fans, start a tilt and let your friends contribute to making this the best tailgate ever.

Why Tilt?

Before Tilt.com came along, raising funds for an event relied on word-of-mouth spreading from person to person. However, this method only worked if everyone knew about the group’s plans. But with Tilt, word spreads quickly from person to person, and they know exactly how much money is needed and what the money will be used for once it’s collected. All you have to do is visit Tilt.com, tell everyone your plans, upload a cool picture, tell them how much money you need to raise and then watch the contributions start pouring in from everyone. If you’re lucky, you’ll raise more than the minimum that’s needed, letting you buy even more great food and cold drinks.


While you may be anxious to tilt, you may not know quite how to start. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered on that. When you want to collect money for football tailgating, it’s easier than ever. Plenty of others have tilted, resulting in memorable tailgates with their friends. If you need some ideas about how to tilt to collect money for football tailgating, take a look at the following examples for some inspiration:

We’re sure that once you take a look at these fanatical fans and how they tilted to have a great tailgate, you’ll be more than ready to make sure your tailgate will be one to remember.

Get ready!

The big game is approaching, and there’s no time to waste, so it’s time to tilt. You and your friends want to have the tailgate of all tailgates, and tilting can make it happen. When you are ready to get started collecting money for football tailgating visit Tilt.com and get started today. By making sure you use Tilt to collect money for your next tailgate, you’re guaranteed to have a great time eating, drinking, and rooting on the home team to victory.

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