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22 Million impressions later: 7 tips for a knock-out Snapchat geofilter

Snapchat geo filters are one of the cheapest ways to add some pop to your holiday party or New Year’s Eve bash. In 2016, we built thousands of filters so we’ve learned a thing or two. Here are some tips for an amazing Snapchat filter.

Get it done early

Cannot stress this enough as we have been left holding the bag a few times and it sucks. Snapchat normally approves filters in hours but depending on demand or other factors it can take some time. Give yourself at least 3 days before the party to get it all lined up and submitted.

Use multiple locations instead of one big location

Snapchat charges you based on the size of your geofence, or the area that your filter will be active in. We have done filters for massive outdoor parties, as well as intimate dinners. The key is to keep the size of the fence as tight as possible. You don’t need to stick to your shapes from elementary school either, cover ONLY the area that you actually need. It will save you money.


Limit your use of text

Who likes to read anyway? You probably aren’t even reading this! But seriously, text on a Snapchat filter is bad form. Snapchat will let you do it, but it does not land well with your audience. I pulled the stats from our impressions and filters with limited text or text with highly legible text like the one below have WAY more impressions. So if you are going to put text in there, really make it POP!


Work that theme

The best filters we’ve done are always themed. So if you are having a safari party, add some lions, tigers and bears into that filter! This is where a professional designer can really take your filter to the next level. Worth it!


No inside jokes

The whole point of a filter is to make your attendees feel like they are special. The worst thing you can do is create a filter that doesn’t appeal to everyone coming to your event. We’ve seen this happen before and it’s a wasted opportunity. If you do want to have a more personalized filter, I would recommend making 2 of them so that a small group can have fun with the inside joke, and the larger group can enjoy a more general one.

Keep it PG-13 or 14A, not NC-17

Snapchat made some early embarrassing mistakes with its Snapchat approval process but that’s not the case anymore. They have a full-time team of robot-assisted humans making sure that no one is slandering, breaking trademarks or being overall inappropriate. No, this is Snapchat after all, they built their brand on being edgy + cheeky, so yes, be cheeky. But here are the most basic rules you must abide by:

  • No nudity (obviously)
  • No alcohol references. Beer bottles, martini glasses, flowing wine
  • Nothing racist or prejudice (obviously)
  • No words associated with debauchery or performing illegal actions.

In other words, have fun but be nice.


You get what you pay for

Don’t cheap out on Snapchat filters, go big or go home. You don’t need a ton of money, $50-100 should get you there and you will thank me later for spending it. If you try and do it yourself you will end up with a sub-par product and it simply won’t get used. Remember that Tilt will build you a professional Snapchat filter for any tilted event with more than 50 people!



Do you want us to make you a professional Snapchat filter? Start your ticketed event today with more than 100 people and it’s yours!

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