When Friends and Family Come Together: Helping Captain Edward Klein

Election Day is a day not only to cast our ballot but also to reflect on and appreciate the things that make our vote possible – such as the efforts of our country’s service men and women.

While there are differing opinions on defense, combat, and the armed forces, what is invariant is the sympathy and empathy we feel for those who suffer injury and loss.

Captain Edward Klein was struck by an I.E.D. and has suffered major injuries. Doing her part to try and help, Amanda Martinez is running a Crowdtilt campaign to raise donations for Captain Klein and his family:


The campaign has raised over $5,500 and is continuing to collect contributions through Veteran’s Day.

As we head to the polls today, and as those of us in the Northeast continue to recover from Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts are as ever with the men, women, and families suffering individual pain – just as our hearts are as ever warmed to see others join us in giving what we can.

Maybe there is someone specific in your thoughts and heart who could use a bit of help right now. Whether you contribute to a campaign, share a campaign, or start a campaign, like Amanda did for the Klein family, we here at Crowdtilt are dedicated to helping people do more together.

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