What’s Your Super Bowl Game Plan?


Super Bowl Sunday is just a few days out. Whether you’ll be watching the afternoon’s broadcast for the commercials (TV advertisers spend serious bucks for spots in this program), the half-time show (will your favorite artist be performing?), or the game itself (you want to see these teams duke it out!), the question is whether to go to someone else’s Super Bowl party or to throw your own.

If you’re the type who likes to host the party, then you’re also the type who knows how to take care of your guests. Go beyond the standard spread for a regular season game. This is the Super Bowl – there’s no need to hold back.

Some ideas for food and beyond:

  • Chicken wings, potato skins, seven layer dip, vegetable trays… Hungry yet?
  • Beer, beer, and more beer… Save money and just get a keg. You know you want to.
  • Revive a tailgating game, space permitting. Cornhole, anyone? Ladder ball?
  • Splurge on that nacho cheese fountain that you couldn’t justify getting during the season…

Your Super Bowl party doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Split the cost with your friends with a Crowdtilt campaign. Even better, ask for a few bucks more and get the keg, upgrade to the 6-foot sandwich platter, or – best of all – build this epic food stadium. Now those are the ingredients for an epic Super Bowl Party!


- The Crowdtilt Team

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