Throw the Biggest Tailgate for Your Upcoming Bowl Championship Game

Overtime wins, last-minute interceptions, and missed field goals… ah, the excitement of college football! As the regular season draws to an end, we hope your team earned enough W’s to claim a spot in one of the upcoming bowl championships.

Check out the latest listing of bowl games on ESPN here 

If you were one of the many tailgaters that pooled money for your tailgate on Crowdtilt during the regular season (find out 5 great reasons why you should too), we bet that you were able to do so with more ease than other tailgaters around you, who had to painstakingly collect cash and checks in person.

Since a trip to the bowl championship will bring out the most loyal and dedicated fan in you, let Crowdtilt help you easily pool money with your group for:

  • Shared expenses for your biggest and most awesome tailgate of the season.
  • A bus or van to take you and your group to the game.
  • Hotel accommodations or house rental for the complete experience.
  • Group tickets to keep all your seats together.

Start a campaign now to plan your upcoming trip or tailgate with your group. #DoMoreTogether

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