The biggest tip for organizing your football tailgate this year.


Which means it’s time to party it up and support your home team by throwing an awesome tailgate party!

However, collecting money from friends, especially from those that never pay on time, is always a hassle and can quickly put a drain on the weekend and create unnecessary tensions.

Simplify the process this year by using Crowdtilt to pool funds online.

With Crowdtilt (unlike with PayPal, cash, or checks), you can set a target amount to pool, specify a payment amount, and easily keep track of who’s paid and who hasn’t. And you can begin receiving credit card payments from around campus OR the country within seconds!

Want more than that? And because your whole group can see who the stragglers are, you’re not the only one who’s going to be chasing them down. And if there isn’t enough demand from your group then you don’t have to worry about refunding all your friends – because no one is charged unless the target is reached, and the campaign tilts.

So stop fronting money, asking for cash at the game, sending PayPal requests, and haggling friends to pay up.

With Crowdtilt, the odds are definitely in your favor (91% of campaigns reach or exceed their target, and the average campaign raises 188% of their target!!). So ditch the hassles and use Crowdtilt this year instead! You’ll be glad you did.