Saving the Blue Angels through the Power of Crowdfunding

Our team was amazed when we saw this fundraiser to save the Blue Angels pop up on our radar. Marc McCabe, a local San Franciscoan and Blue Angel fan, created a Crowdtilt fundraiser to raise at least $650,000 for the show, which would take place from Oct. 10-14 during San Francisco’s Fleet Week.


Here’s a list of the news coverage the Blue Angels fundraiser has received so far:

For the most recent updates about the campaign, or to check out other blue angels fans, check out the official “Bring the Blue Angels Back” Facebook group.

So far, the fundraiser, titled “We can save the Blue Angels — let’s bring them back for SF Fleet Week 2013!” has raised almost $8,000 in just a few days.  Let us know what you think of the blue angels and this fundraiser in the comments!

We’re honored and humbled to see our site used for such a creative and inspiring cause. Happy tilting! :)


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