Real-Time Campaign Updates


If you’ve ever run a campaign on Crowdtilt, you may have noticed that you couldn’t make changes to your campaign after the first person contributed. That restriction is now a thing of the past. Starting today, you can make changes to your campaign at any time. Here’s why this is cool:

Extend Your Campaign

Do you need more time? You can now easily push your campaign expiration date forward a few days. So for your next campaign, if you’re at 95% with a day left, you know what to do.

Post Updates

Is there new information you’re eager to share with everybody? Simply add an update to the top of your campaign description. It can be as small as a thank message or a series of updates throughout the duration of the campaign.

Post campaign updates to communicate important new information.

Lower Your Tilt 

In rare situations, you might realize that the tilt amount you set was too ambitious. If you choose to lower the tilt amount, we recommend that you communicate with all your current contributors first. Remember that they initially joined your campaign on the assurance that the goal amount would be reached before their cards were charged.

Change The Contribution Amount

Here’s a nifty tip: To provide an incentive for people to be among the first to contribute to your campaign, you can offer a reduced price to for example the first 10 contributors. After the first 10 people join, you can change the contribution amount for future contributors. This works extremely well for events, as you can see here.

Change the contribution amounts to get people to contribute early.

More Good Stuff

Of course you can also do other useful things: change your picture, make corrections, and edit the formatting in your campaign description.

Since contributors want to be the first to know about your recent updates, we’ll send them a quick email so they know changes were made to the campaign the contributed to.

We’ve made these changes based on your feedback over the past weeks. Thank you for voicing your opinions and helping us make Crowdtilt easier to use.

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The Crowdtilt Team