Planning a big event? You will love this!


You love hosting successful events: there’s nothing like watching the different pieces you planned come together beautifully, while all of your guests are having a great time too.

For your next event, you already know how to use Crowdtilt to spread the word and pool the money to make it happen. But what about the logistics and specifics once you have the money in the bank?

This is where our friends at Fiestah come in!

Working with local vendors, they get you everything you need for your event!

You simply list what food, drinks, decoration, entertainment, etc you’d like at your event, and Fiestah will find local vendors and quotes for you. You then choose your preferred vendors, and pay them through Fiestah. That’s it! They’ll do all the legwork for you, and also centralize all the information and communication you need to keep track of.

Fiestah is currently available in New York City and will expand to other major cities this year.

Did you already have a good experience with Fiestah you’d like to share, or questions you’d like to ask? Tell us in the comments!

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