How to Pick A Fantasy Football Team Name

How to Pick a Fantasy Football Team Name

In a recent post announcing our new deal with ESPN Fantasy Football, we briefly touched on the pressure of choosing a witty, yet topical team name.

So, we decided that since we’re already helping fantasy leagues collect their dues, we might as well help with choosing a team name too. We present to you, the DO’s and DON’Ts of choosing a kickass fantasy football team name (or at least not embarrassing yourself out there).

DO: Use Pop Culture References. The more timely, the better. If you want to Turn Down for Watt on the GridIron Throne, be our guest. But it’s time to let Breaking Bad and Tom Brady Loves Goats go… to quote Superbad, “That was like 8 years ago a**hole!”

DON’T: Take it too far. Any reference to 2 Girls, 1 Cup should be automatically nixed.

DO: Make a pun from a popular player’s name. Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe, Golden Tate Bridge, Weeden’t Start the Fire. We could go all day, but we’ll leave the creative thinking to you.

DON’T: Make a pun from your OWN name. Kelly’s Killers, Fear the Freds, The Johnsoneers. Just… don’t.

DO: Have fun with it. Guidelines are helpful, but if naming your team Ertz Wind and Fire or The Eye of Sauronde Barber makes you chuckle, then go right ahead big guy, you earned it.

DON’T: Make rape or Jerry Sandusky jokes. Seriously, dudes. (Under Jerry’s Slumber Parties, I’m looking at you.)

DO: Use Tilt to help your ESPN Fantasy Football League collect its dues!

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Introducing: Tilt Playmakers

Our Tilt community is full of incredibly special people who are making amazing things happen everyday. Today, we’re delighted to introduce a few of them to you: our first-ever Tilt Playmakers!

Tilt Playmakers are extra-enthusiastic, influential members of the community who have joined us as part of the extended Tilt Family. In addition to being our eyes and ears on the ground in their city, they help us by tilting frequently, leading by example and spreading the word. The feedback they provide about their experiences will help us build an even better platform so you can keep tilting the world around you.

You’ll see Playmakers connecting with local press, sparking discussions in social media and guest writing for us on the official Tilt blog. Get to know the first five, living in Tilt’s original hometown—Austin, Texas—below. When you spot these names around, be sure to say hello!

Melissa “Mel” Hochadel: Mel caught our attention with one of her early tilts, and we were hooked on her infectious spirit immediately afterward. She’s well known for her blog, The Social Quencher, and we’re stoked to have her on our playmaking team!

Georgia O’Brien: Cheerful and highly organized, Georgia impressively arranged participation for her company in last year’s Crawl for Cancer in Austin. She’s since gone on to share Tilt with everyone she knows!

Adam Rosenfield: We met Adam when he generously offered to attend and write about a fellow tilter’s party. A ‘punny’ guy who loves food and sports, you’ll see Adam tilting his Fantasy Football league and fun things with friends.

Heather Stiver: A self-proclaimed “feisty redhead who can never turn down a shot”, Heather’s desire to do bigger, better things with her friends encapsulates everything Tilt is about.

Ari Franklin: The Director of User Experience at UberPong, Ari is no stranger to creativity and innovative collaboration. The first thing he ever tilted was his couch, selling it on Craigslist with a simple page – and there’s a lot more where that came from.

Interested in learning more about Playmakers or joining the program? Get in touch!