Why a Veteran Crowdfunder Chose Tilt For His Next Campaign

Chargerito(Alex Andon is a guest blogger for the Tilt blog.)

I was one of the first people to successfully launch a new product with crowdfunding, back when it was a very experimental concept.  It was a funky idea, a Desktop Jellyfish Tank, but thanks to my crowdfunding, that small business was launched to a whole new level and eventually acquired. The jellyfish journey was a dream come true and it would have been impossible without the upfront capital provided by 515 friends, family, and complete strangers.

Since becoming somewhat of a poster child for crowdfunding, countless people have asked me questions like, “What’s the secret to a successful campaign?” or “What platform should I use for my campaign?”

The former question is easy to answer: make something people want and they’ll tell you how much they like it with their credit cards.

The latter question has become more complicated. Since 2011, the crowdfunding revolution has given rise to dozens of new companies. However, having tested a number of them, I now believe Tilt is the best option. And to put my money where my mouth is, I just launched a Tilt/Open campaign for my latest new product, the World’s Smallest Phone Charger.


Tailgating Party Supplies Checklist

Tailgating Party Supplies ChecklistPicture this: you’re setting up a tailgate and laying out your carefully catered spread of meats. You’ve set up the chairs, fired up the grill, and are about to open a beer when you realize—you’ve forgotten a bottle opener. The ultimate rookie move.

To make sure you never find yourself looking like an amateur, we’ve pulled together a comprehensive tailgating party supplies checklist for you to use, memorize, or stick on top of your cooler. You’re welcome.


A grill

Extra lighter fluid for the grill


Grill tools (tongs, spatulas, basting brush)

Serving dishes and tools

Utensils (plastic, for simplicity’s sake)

Food & drink

Cups & plates

A cooler filled with ice

Trash bags

Paper Towels

Folding chairs

A tent/canopy for bad weather days


Bottle opener

Masking tape


Game day jersey


Top 10 NFL Tailgating Experiences

According to the American Tailgating Association (obviously there is an official organization for tailgating), the art of people mingling and eating pre—and post—National Football League games is a fine American tradition that dates back to the U.S. Civil War. During the First Battle of Bull Run, Union supporters allegedly showed up on the sidelines with food and yelled “Go Big Blue!” to encourage their side (the Northern states that is, not the New York Giants.)

Fast forward roughly 150 years. In the ensuing decades, Americans eventually swapped regimental uniforms for team jerseys, horse-drawn wooden wagons for coolers and grills, and the tragic background of a North vs. South conflict with a far more friendly  National Football Conference vs. American Football Conference rivalry. To help celebrate today’s delicate balance of sports plus eating (minus the killing), we’ve put together our guide to our Top 10 NFL Tailgating Experiences.

1. Get comfy. These Miami Dolphin fans are doing it right with beer bongs and giant collapsible chairs.

Flickr: Alan Kotok/Tailgating

Flickr: Alan Kotok/Tailgating

2. Set up one (or several) tv screens for optimal viewing. These NFL fans came fully prepared to watch the game from every angle.

Flickr: James Willamor/ Carolina Panthers Gameday

Flickr: James Willamor/Carolina Panthers Gameday

3. Represent the colors of your team.  This Carolina Panthers fans is getting in the “blue” spirit.

Flickr: James Willamor/Carolina Panthers Gameday

Flickr: James Willamor/Carolina Panthers Gameday

Jets NFL Tailgate Experience

Flickr: slgckgc/Tailgating with the Comforts of Home


The Best Things In Life Are Free: Tilt Announces Free Crowdfunding

Starting today, we’re dropping the fees on our ‘Collect’ feature! It is now FREE for organizers to collect money with their groups, and free for all contributors using their debit card for payments (a standard 3% processing fee still applies for credit cards).

Yep. Free to collect money with your group, no matter how large. We’ll let that sink in for a moment…

Nic Cage Freedom

Every day, Tilt enables amazing experiences for thousands of groups—whether you’re collecting money for box seats at a baseball game, amazing group vacations, epic tailgates for the upcoming season, fantasy football leagues galore, or other shared moments with the people you love—it’s FREE now! Selling items to your community and fundraising for nonprofits and causes will still be an extremely low fee of 2.5% to the organizer (lowest in the industry). We have also introduced our pricing for our brand spankin’ new enterprise crowdfunding tool, Tilt Open (check it out here!).

In making Tilt free to collect, we’re adopting the same “freemium” model embraced by some of our favorite consumer brands like Spotify, Evernote, and Dropbox to name a few. We’re excited to make our core features even more awesome through this new pricing structure!
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.29.21 PM

Is it just me or did that Nic Cage clip up at the top have you feeling all sentimental inside?? Here at Tilt, we believe that the peak of human existence is the experiences and moments we get to share with the people we love. We hope that this decision makes it even easier for you to create more of these shared experiences. Being FREE has never felt so good.

Much love and much free,

James Beshara
CEO, Tilt.com

PS – Here’s where I’d typically give out a promo code for you to give Tilt a try, but in case you missed it, the price couldn’t be any lower. It’s FREE, people!

PPS – Keep an eye out for our completely redesigned mobile app coming out in the next few weeks.

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Ladies! How to Impress Your Boyfriend With Your Fantasy Football Knowledge

NFL kick off is just around the corner and the boys we love are scrambling to meet their deadlines and get their fantasy football leagues in line before kick off on September 4. We pulled together a list of five fun fantasy football facts that you can use to score some points and impress your guys.


1. Let him know you made dinner plans on Wednesday, September 3rd.


You know he’ll be busy watching the games on Thursday night. NFL kick off is Thursday, September 4th.


2. Ask your guy if Jenny really is every man’s dream girl.


Popular fantasy football TV show “The League” is back on the air September 3rd at 10pm on FXX.


3. Help him find the easiest way to collect league dues from his buddies.


Collecting money from flaky league members can be a huge headache. ESPN partnered with Tilt this year to make it easy for him to collect league dues online. Cha-ching!


Top Tilts Tuesday: Back-to-School Edition


top_tilts_v2_880bLabor Day is just around the corner, which can only mean two things: 1) don’t you even THINK about wearing white, and 2) students and teachers are heading back for another school year.

To ease the pain of leaving summer behind, we present five #TOPTILTS:

1. Game Day Bus: Tilter Ian Wolff got 166 friends to chip in $15 each to rent several buses to catch this Friday’s season opener vs. Brigham Young University.

2. Fundraising for a Dunk Tank: What student doesn’t want to see their favorite (or least favorite) teacher fall into a dunk tank? Tilter Hira Javed is raising funds to do just that for her high school’s October carnival.

3. Reunions: Go Huskies! Melissa Malkerson Bowman, North Hollywood High School Class of 1979, is tilting for a get-together at Sagebrush Cantina as part of her 35-year reunion.

4. Plan a service trip: Tilter Lauryn Coit is traveling to El Paredon, Guatemala this December to help the Surf for Life Foundation build a secondary school for the community. It’s a much needed addition, as students above the 6th-grade level currently conduct their classes in the cramped primary school classrooms once the younger children have gone home.

5. Parties, parties, parties: ‘Nuff said.

Ready to tilt a back-to-school event? Start Here

Join Auntie Anne’s & Alex’s Lemonade Stand in the Mighty Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.39.00 PMEvery year, one in 330 children will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they turn 20. However, less than 5% of the federal government’s total yearly funding for cancer research is dedicated to childhood cancers.

It’s heavy stuff. The good news, however, is that it’s easy to start making a difference — you can even get something tasty out of the deal.

Through Sept. 15, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity, are looking to raise half a million dollars to support The Mighty Fight against childhood cancer. All you need to to do is go to Tilt.com, give whatever amount you can, and as a thank you, Auntie Anne’s will email you a $1 coupon off your next purchase.


Top 11 Back-To-College Tilt Ideas

With our 180 ambassadors across 70 campuses, Tilt is helping colleges around the country make epic sh*t happen. We’ve already seen hundreds of tilts before the year has started, and wanted to share some ideas on how to best kick-off the school year…

1. Throw a rager now that all of your friends are back together and all is right with the world.

Inspiration: this UT Austin crew.


2. Throw one helluva tailgate.

Inspiration: this one at Ole Miss.


3. Fraternity house improvements.

Inspiration: these guys at Alabama.


4. Produce a fall rush video.

Inspiration: this MIT fraternity.


5. Prep for football season with custom game-day swag.

Inspiration: these fresh-to-death Texas Tech polos.


6. Throw a sorority bid day partay.

Inspiration: these UT Austin ladies.


7. Rent a party bus to an away game.

Inspiration: these Northwestern fans.


8. Sell t-shirts to rep your group on campus.

Inspiration: this USF fraternity.


9. Get off campus for some R&R.

Inspiration: this “cabrewing” trip from Purdue.
outdoors blob


10. Tilt your pledge class fund, show the older guys you’ve got everything under control.

Inspiration: Alabama ATO.


11. Hit the links before summer ends (John Daly style).

Inspiration: these Virginia Tech broskis.

First-time users, get $10 towards your first tilt with the code “BACKTOSCHOOL”!


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Dr. Paul Farmer on the Importance of ‘Staff, Systems and Stuff’ to Combat Ebola



(Dr. Paul Farmer, Co-founder of international social justice and health organization Partners In Health (PIH), is a guest writer for the Tilt Blog.) 

As ebola sweeps across West Africa, it is clear that the country’s public health care systems are crumbling under the burden of this epidemic, the world’s largest to date. Doctors and nurses are not only without the “staff, systems and stuff” they need, but also, and not unreasonably, they are frightened, since many have sickened and died. Some have even abandoned their posts. Fear and panic have been documented across the region most affected. Poorly-equipped isolation wards have become known simply as “the place where you go to die.”

The ebola outbreak is thus a public health and humanitarian catastrophe. When disasters strike under-resourced, fragile healthcare systems, the human consequences of gaps in care—again, shortages of staff and equipment, and poor or absent infrastructure, including clean and well-equipped isolation facilities—are amplified. Hundreds of people have died of ebola in Sierra Leone alone, as health workers—including many from Wellbody Alliance—scramble to coordinate a response; an even larger number are likely dying in their homes of more readily treated diseases and injuries because hospitals and clinics have shut down, and because patients are afraid to seek help in settings with inadequate infection control and far too little care on offer.


How to Pick A Fantasy Football Team Name

How to Pick a Fantasy Football Team Name

In a recent post announcing our new deal with ESPN Fantasy Football, we briefly touched on the pressure of choosing a witty, yet topical team name.

So, we decided that since we’re already helping fantasy leagues collect their dues, we might as well help with choosing a team name too. We present to you, the DO’s and DON’Ts of choosing a kickass fantasy football team name (or at least not embarrassing yourself out there).

DO: Use Pop Culture References. The more timely, the better. If you want to Turn Down for Watt on the GridIron Throne, be our guest. But it’s time to let Breaking Bad and Tom Brady Loves Goats go… to quote Superbad, “That was like 8 years ago a**hole!”

DON’T: Take it too far. Any reference to 2 Girls, 1 Cup should be automatically nixed.

DO: Make a pun from a popular player’s name. Somewhere Over the Dwayne Bowe, Golden Tate Bridge, Weeden’t Start the Fire. We could go all day, but we’ll leave the creative thinking to you.

DON’T: Make a pun from your OWN name. Kelly’s Killers, Fear the Freds, The Johnsoneers. Just… don’t.

DO: Have fun with it. Guidelines are helpful, but if naming your team Ertz Wind and Fire or The Eye of Sauronde Barber makes you chuckle, then go right ahead big guy, you earned it.

DON’T: Make rape or Jerry Sandusky jokes. Seriously, dudes. (Under Jerry’s Slumber Parties, I’m looking at you.)

DO: Use Tilt to help your ESPN Fantasy Football League collect its dues!

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