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Dance Marathon Fundraising: It’s For the Kids!

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Dance Marathon – a huge campus-wide initiative at a number of universities across the country, and an awesome collaboration where student organizations raise the most amount of funds possible for a great cause.

Students have been using Tilt for specific campaigns that play a role in their overall fundraising effort, so we’re excited to announce that we’re chipping in $50 bucks towards any Dance Marathon tilt (as long as there are at least 10 contributors and $50 is raised). We’ll also be doling out a $500 donation to one lucky dance marathoner! Just use the code TILTATHON when you create your fundraiser and we’ll hook you up. (more…)

Introducing Likes & Replies on Tilt!

Starting today, you can finally have witty conversations on Tilt with the introduction of our newest like & commenting features.

Fact #1: No holiday party is complete without hilarious ugly sweater pictures and captions.

Fact #2: Tilt is the best way to pool money with your group.

Fact #3: Tilt’s easy-to-use likes, updates, comments, and replies are the real deal. Tilt helps you stay in touch with guests about last-minute plans, questions, and other shenanigans.

LIkes & Replies

Download the Tilt iPhone mobile app to stay in the loop. Android peeps check out this.

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Tilt: the easiest way to pool funds from your group to make something happen. 

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Ohio State Fans Can Throw The BEST Sugar Bowl Tailgate Party For Cheap

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Are you an Ohio State fan that is headed to the Sugar Bowl to watch the Buckeyes take on Alabama? Do you want to throw the most bad ass tailgate party? Well, it’s as simple as finding a few Ohio State fans (maybe your friends) who are also going. Then you really can throw a great tailgate! Instead of all of your fellow Buckeye friends tailgating separately or God-forbid at a bar, throw the best Sugar Bowl tailgate party yourself. You can do it!


Beauty Break: DIY Face Masks


From budgeting for next month’s pub crawl, to making sure you’ve set aside enough money for the annual spa trip with your friends, it’s hard to stay frugal. On top of that, studying for exams and late-night cheese stuffed pizza binges may leave your skin looking less than stellar. It’s time to head to a place where beauty and innovation combine (nope, not Sephora), we’re talking about our pantry.


12 Facts About Skrillex


Today’s youngsters know about Skrillex and his music but few know the man behind the name. The electronic music producer is incredibly talented and there’s no doubt that he’s one of the genre’s few stars who’s reached a mainstream tipping point. Let’s take a closer look at the real Skrillex. Here are some factoids that you likely didn’t know about him.


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