These College Students Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity


When you hear the word “charity,” who comes to mind? Oprah, Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, Taylor Swift, the Zuck (aka Mark Zuckerberg)? Maybe your parents or other relatives? Most of us probably aren’t picturing cash-starved college students.

As it turns out, we have quite a few undergraduate and graduate students on Tilt who use our site and iOS app to pool money and fundraise for their cause. Here are a few stories that show how giving a little can go a long way. (more…)

Tilt/Open Pre-Orders, Now Open For Business!

Tilt/Open Pre-Orders

Over the past two years, we’ve built some amazing crowdfunding and commerce tools (from, the fastest and simplest way to collect money from a group — to the largest open-source crowdfunding tool in the world, Tilt/Open). Today, we’re excited to launch our latest advancement which is a feature request we’ve heard for over a year now. If you’re a brand or business that is looking to crowdfund or pre-sell online, then today’s announcement will make Tilt/Open the one-stop-shop for all of your needs.


Pre-orders, in Two Lines of Code

Officially launching today is Tilt/Open Pre-Orders, the easiest way to turn any website (static, WordPress, Squarespace, SpaceCraft, or any other) into an online store, taking pre-orders, all by dropping in two lines of code. Oh, and the pricing? It’s free — pay no fees beyond standard credit card processing!

Last year, the product launch of our downstairs neighbors, Coin, kicked off a trend to accept pre-orders from their own website with a slick, one-step payment form. Since then, many other successful products have launched in similar fashion, and we’ve powered a number of them, including Navdy, Amp, Whistle GPS, Lytro and more. Coin rolled their own system, building directly on top of a payments processor, and developing custom features like a referral system, order management tools, integrations with retargeting tools, and more. We wanted to empower other creators to have the same powerful features without needing to build them from scratch — and today this tool is open to the public.

We’ve been testing this tool in beta and it has already processed millions of dollars worth of products, powering some of the biggest pre-order launches in recent months. As professional crowdfunding continues to grow and evolve, we’re excited to be building the tools for the next generation of online commerce. (more…)

Mizzen+Main Gives Back To Veterans For Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Mizzen+Main Gives Back During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means some companies inevitably “pinkwash”, taking advantage of the occasion for their own marketing purposes. Others, however, go above-and-beyond to actually make a difference in authentic and meaningful ways.

How Mizzen+Main is Giving Back

Dallas-based menswear brand Mizzen+Main is solidly among that latter group. Founded in 2012 by Kevin Lavelle, Mizzen+Main – which produces moisture-wicking, wrinkle free, four-way stretch professional dress shirts – has pledged to donate $25 of each sale of their “Hucksley” dress shirt to their local Veterans Affairs hospital. The donations will be specifically earmarked for the treatment and support of veterans diagnosed with breast cancer. Lavelle points out what many people may not know: female veterans are 20-40% more likely to get the disease than other women in similar age groups, according to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. (more…)

Haas’ 10th Annual >play Digital Media Conference


We’re stoked that Tilt will be sponsoring UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business’ 10th annual >play Conference, the largest student-run tech conference in the country. We are equally excited James Beshara, Co-Founder and CEO of Tilt, will be delivering one of the conference’s keynotes.

The >play Conference, which will be held at Fort Mason, an iconic landmark beneath the Golden Gate right here in San Francisco, will feature four keynotes and five breakout panels. (more…)

Meet a Playmaker: Stephen Wong

Stephen Wong, one of Tilt's first Playmakers

Stephen Wong, one of Tilt’s first Playmakers

We recently launched ‘Playmakers’, a pilot program designed to invite our most influential Tilters to join the extended Tilt Team while helping us share Tilt in our favorite cities across the US.

Today we caught up with Stephen Wong, who has been an incredible addition to our early group of Austin-based influencers. A self-described “man who can make things happen”, we love how he’s been using Tilt for party planning and trips with friends – and feel lucky to count someone with such enthusiasm and charisma as part of our on the ground family.

Hear Stephen’s story and get his advice for using Tilt to make life more fun – and after you’re inspired, hop over to create a campaign of your own! (more…)

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