New Feature: Easily Contribute From Your Phone


Contributing from your phone is now easier than ever!

We’re excited to announce a new mobile experience on Crowdtilt.

If you’ve ever contributed to a Crowdtilt campaign from the tiny screen on your phone, you may have noticed that the pop-up lightboxes, small-sized fonts, and other features designed to work great on your computer weren’t optimized for your mobile device.

That has all changed! Our new mobile flow is designed specifically for the best experience contributing to campaigns from your mobile device.

As an admin, this makes it easier for your contributors to join your campaign, and ultimately help you collect money faster than ever before.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Automatic scaling to your screen size – No more pinching to zoom!!
  • Larger fonts – Makes it easier to read and verify your info.
  • Better login experience – Log into your account more quickly.
  • Easy access to the sharing tools – Share the campaign with others after your contribution.

We’ve been testing this new feature for a few days now and so far, so good!! Starting today, you’ll see these new mobile optimized contribution pages whenever you join or manage a Crowdtilt campaign from your device.

Ready to give it a try? Start a campaign for your next event, gift, fundraiser, or anything else that you’d like to do with your group!

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-The Crowdtilt Team