Huckleberry Bicycles + Crowdtilt

You knew that Crowdtilt can be used by friends to pool money for parties, and you knew that it can be used to fundraise for charitable causes – but we bet you didn’t know that it can also be used to distribute tickets.

The owners of Huckleberry Bicycles, a full-service bike shop on Market Street in San Francisco, ran a campaign on Crowdtilt to offer tickets to their August safe-cracking party.

When they were first building the shop, Zack Stender and his co-owners found a locked Mosler safe in the wall. The mystery was irresistible, and so was the opportunity – they saw that cracking the safe provided occasion both to throw a party and to raise funds.

They chose Crowdtilt as the means to supply tickets to the party. Visitors to the store were told about the planned party and directed to Crowdtilt, where they could buy tickets to be entered into a drawing at the party to win half the safe’s contents. Those who bought more than $10 worth were also invited to attend the safe-cracking party. All proceeds beyond the fee to crack the safe would be donated to the San Francisco Bicycle and to raise funds.

The evening of August 8th, the partygoers gathered at the store, and Ken Dunckel, safe-cracking expert, applied his talents to the inherited Mosler safe. When he finally opened the safe door and revealed its contents, everyone let out bated breath. What met their eyes were an empty first aid kit, and a blank name tag from the Pussy Cat Theater which used to reside at the store’s location.

Unfazed by the anticlimax, Zack proceeded to the drawing of the night’s grand prize winner. The lucky winner was Scott Dier, and because the offered alternative to half of what was in the safe was a Cannondale bike frame, Scott chose the latter over the safe’s somewhat underwhelming contents.

While in-store contributions had come to about $470, the final campaign total raised on Crowdtilt was a whopping $1,830 – and most of the sum went straight to the SFBC.

The Huckleberry Bicycles Safe Cracking campaign on Crowdtilt indicates Crowdtilt’s flexibility. What can *you* use Crowdtilt for today? Start a campaign and see for yourself!

- Angela and the Crowdtilt team

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