Homegrown excellence.

I can’t tell you how much fun we had at the HomeGrown festival this weekend. This was Crowdtilt’s first official public event and it was a huge success.  The music, people, and pets were all top notch and everything we’d come to expect from a good old fashion Dallas gathering.  We got to explain what Crowdtilt is to a lot of new people and the reactions were all very positive.  It’s really satisfying to see people getting excited about something that we’ve put a ton of effort and energy into.  The best part is when you can see the light bulb go on above people’s head about how many different things they could use it for.  They were coming up with things we’d never even thought of which was a really cool thing for us moving forward.

Since we were official sponsors we got to meet some of the bands that played and even got to explain the concept to a few of them.  Here is a covert iPhone camera shot of James explaining Crowdtilt to one of the members of great band ishi.   (I was trying to act like I was on my phone to maintain our “street cred” with the performers. It was an epic fail as he looked directly at me when the shutter sound went off.)  Yeah, we’re just really big fans like everyone else. 

We were also giving out these sweet little stress balls that are shaped like brains.  They were a huge hit with the kids, pets, and law enforcement.  I’m guessing the officers would like anything that would help relieve stress.  We still got a few left if some of our Tumblr buddies would like to snag one.

We also had a professional photographer shooting all day long so as soon as those are made available I’ll be sure to post them here and on our flickr stream.  Once again, thanks to all who came out and stopped by the booth.  We got a ton of great feedback and support to help push us even harder through the Beta process. 

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