Give Amazing Christmas Gifts: Ferrari Rentals, iPad Mini, Skydiving…

Do things differently this Christmas season and go beyond the traditional dress shirt, coffee mug, or engraved pen. Pool money with your group and give a jaw-dropping present instead!

  • Brand New iPad Mini (Suggested tilt: $329)
  • Stylish Coach Handbag (Suggested tilt: $274)
  • Personal Golf Lesson with a PGA Pro (Suggested tilt: $129)
  • Exciting Skydiving Experience (Suggested tilt: $399)
  • Unforgettable Day-Long Ferrari Rental (Suggested tilt: $599)

You can find more ideas on sites like or Once you’ve found that perfect present, use Crowdtilt to easily split the cost with friends, relatives, or co-workers! Start your campaign now.

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