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Friends Always Have Your Back – Group Gifting With Crowdtilt

Grad school – for those of us who have never been, there’s a glamor to high education. We picture ourselves deep in discussion at a seminar table in a 300-level course, or at the head of a class of eager, wide-eyed undergrads, or curing cancer in a beautifully stocked genetics lab (hey, we can dream!).

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But even those of us who’ve never attended know that you really, really need a computer in grad school. We also know that finances are tight for the average student, and if – imagine this – you’ve just been accepted into a prestigious grad program, and you’ve popped the champagne and broadcast the good news to all and sundry – and the next thing you know, your laptop decides to commit spectacular, ill-timed suicide – well, goodness, what do you do then?

That’s where Crowdtilt comes in!

The above nightmare scenario happened to Brielle: her laptop bit the dust a few months before she was due to leave for grad school. But her friends Alicia and Chad came to the rescue – with the help of Crowdtilt’s group-funding service.

Check out their campaign here:

Education may be expensive, but friends are priceless! What can you do for your friends today? Whatever it is, go ahead and try it on Crowdtilt!

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