Fantasy Football + Crowdtilt

Collecting money from friends was a major hassle before Crowdtilt. It was just… painful.

First you had to email all the friends, remind them all how much they owed, keep track of who had and hadn’t paid up, and nag the ones who hadn’t. The last 2-3 people took 90% of the work – and they never felt the urgency because, well, you were the only one who knew they hadn’t paid.
Collecting money for Fantasy Football dues is one of the worst tasks that you as the commissioner of the league have to deal with. On top of the inconvenience of everyone having to find their checkbooks and mail off their individual payments, you’ve got to keep a list of everyone who has paid and try to track down the last few who just keep kicking the can down the road (presumably with the idea of waiting to see if they have a shot to win the league this year before paying).
You know what makes that process A LOT easier? A way to collect the money where you receive one lump sum amount after everyone has paid, where everyone can pay by using their phone or computer without looking for a checkbook or postage, where the entire league can see who has paid (and who hasn’t), and where members only have to pay if the rest of the league pays. And where the stragglers feel the pressure from the entire league instead of just you, the commissioner.
Well, commissioners, we’ve built that place – a place called Crowdtilt. And we built it with you and your friends in mind.
So this year, save the brain power and energy for trash talking and denying trades “on accident,” and let Crowdtilt make collecting the money from the group a breeze.
- James and the Crowdtilt team

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