Do More and Spend Less on NYE with Crowdtilt


We’re big fans of holidays here at Crowdtilt, but we have a special love for New Year’s Eve.  New Year’s is a time to celebrate another year past, to do things differently and let loose a little more, and to be with friends and in the company of those you care about most.

In many cities, New Year’s is one of the most expensive nights of the year and this makes it hard to get a large group together in one place.  Aaron Henshaw knew this, and with a little creativity and the power of Crowdtilt, he’s put together the Kingsland Masquerade Ball.  Instead of spending New Year’s elbow-to-elbow in a crowded bar, Aaron and 23 of his friends are having their own Masquerade ball, fully stocked with masks, decorations and all the drinks they’ll need to ring in 2013 in style, all for about $40 per person.

We love it when people like Aaron use Crowdtilt to do more with their friends.  So if you don’t have NYE plans yet, we’ve got three tips below for how you can use Crowdtilt to do something special with your crew this December 31st:

  • Throw your own Masquerade, Mad Men, Great Gatsby or similarly themed party.  Suggested tilt amount: $600
  • Splurge a little bit and reserve a table with bottle service at a club for you and your group.  Suggested tilt amount: $1,000
  • For large group looking to do something truly epic, consider renting out an entire bar for the evening.  Suggested tilt amount: $12,000

Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog if you want to learn more about how Crowdtilt can help you make the most out of holidays with friends.  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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