Crowdtilt + AgLocal + Kitchit = CowTilt

Back in October, the good folks over at AgLocal had the brilliant idea to crowdfund an entire cow. Zero waste, direct from the farmer, direct to the consumer.

The wild yet delicious idea turned into reality in just a few hours, as AgLocal spun up a quick Crowdhoster site to gauge demand. Within days, the entire cow was funded, and hundreds of Bay Area residents had the chance to meet their local farmer to pick up their cuts of meat. Another great example of using Crowdtilt to build community, and pull something off that could not happen without the power of crowdfunding.


After seeing this campaign pop up, we couldn’t help but procure 1/8 of the cow for ourselves. Texas-rooted, we’re not shy about being an office full of protein fiends. But we found ourselves scratching our heads once our freezer was packed to the brim with high-end steak, but no means to cook it up.

Enter Kitchit, the book-a-chef service just down the street from Crowdtilt HQ.

Screenshot 2014-01-25 16.19.32

Our team collected money on Crowdtilt to hire Chef Damon Stainbrook to grill up the meat. Birria tacos, ribeye steaks, burgers, tenderloin, and all sorts of delicious sides ensued. While we’ve seen plenty of dinner parties powered by Crowdtilt, adding in farm-to-table meat + a professional chef took this one up a notch. And it was pretty darn easy to organize using these three services.


Just another idea of how you can use Crowdtilt to #domoretogether. Big thanks to our friends at Kitchit and AgLocal for a festive, tasty evening.


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 1.12.51 PM

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