A Partnership is Born: Crowdtilt + Reddit

After a couple of months of preparation, we launched a partnership with reddit, an online community where interesting content is shared, commented on, and internet memes are born. reddit is referred to as the front page of the internet and boasts more than 2 billion pageviews a month.

Our goal with this partnership is to offer redditors one unifying group funding platform that can be used for anything from a $250 local meetup to a full-blown $100K fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders.

Overview of partnership

A few campaigns have already successfully tilted through this co-branded effort including “Breaking Good,” a fundraiser led by the actor Luis Moncada from the popular TV series Breaking Bad, as well a campaign to “Help Karl Kesel Keep His Comic Collection,” where the reddit community is raising funds to help a loving father buy back the lifetime collection of comic books which he had sold to pay for the adoption and medical costs of a 15 week-old baby born to heroin addicts.

We are moved by the causes supported by redditors, and grateful for the opportunity to help more people to easily pool/raise money for something they deeply care about.

The collaboration allows redditors to tie their Crowdtilt campaign to a reddit thread, and raise money on behalf of verified 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Read more on the collaboration with reddit here.