Foo Fighters Play Tilt-Enabled “Rock and Roll Miracle” Show in RVA

Evan Robinson Photography(Robey Martin is a writer and guest blogger for the Tilt blog. She is based in the awesome city of Richmond, Virginia. Instagram @callmerobey Twitter @robeymartin )

“You know, I’ve been a musician a long time. I’ve played a lot of shows. But I have never played a show like this one before,” said one very amped Dave Grohl at the historic Foo Fighters concert in Richmond, Virginia, September 17th.

The unusual journey for Grohl and his bandmates to this stage started with just four Richmond guys and the crowd funding website Tilt.

Now it is being called a “rock and roll miracle.”

The mood was unbelievably upbeat all night, boosted by Grohl’s magnetic stage presence. Two songs in, a sardined audience of 1,500 fans held each other up while they fist-pumped, clapped to sporadic rhythms, and sang unabashedly word for word more than twenty-five of the band’s greatest and newest hits.

In the balcony was Grohl’s mom, to whom he gave a touching shout-out stating that he loves Virginia but when he is singing about it, it is specifically for her.

The opening band Avers—an ensemble of talents with the drummer from the Head and the Heart and a member from FarmVegas—played a solid set of original rockers that surely earned them some new fans in the audience.

But tonight was about the fans—namely the 1400 fans that supported the Tilt that brought the night to fruition. Before the Foo Fighters took the stage, a boisterous Andrew Goldin and his three compatriots took the time to express thanks to the crowd that brought them their dream (raising over $70,000 and enticing the band to make a stop in Richmond not on their tour schedule). The band hadn’t played in Richmond since 1998.

Evan Robinson Photography

Goldin was one of four individuals who initiated the tilt and ultimately raised enough cash to lure the Foo Fighters to perform one of the first ever crowd funded concerts. Citing the power of social media as the catalyst, Goldin raised a beer to the audience.

Who knows if this success story could possibly change the future of concert business? The idea was clearly attractive to the band who played more that two and a half hours with Grohl stopping to pay an endearing tribute to Dave Brockie, the recently deceased member of revered local act, Gwar. Grohl (and company) encored in true Foo Fighter fashion starting with ‘Aurora’ and ending with “Best of You’.

“I hope we can do this again,” Grohl told the ecstatic crowd.

“Ladies and f***ing gentleman, honestly, this is f***ing awesome. We are definitely coming back to this place.”

The Set List:

Foo Fighters Set List

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Tilt Unveils Updated, iOS 8-Ready App

fTk7y_FBPit_gLUdSuo1MBAMNOCU-H8EiuR_vG6GSx8As everyone in the world knows, Apple made a series of new announcements last week centered around their new iPhones and Apple Watches.  While new hardware is certainly a crowd-pleaser, for me, the most interesting thing that Apple announced was Apple Pay, the company’s new mobile payments solution that allows customers to pay for their favorite things simply by touching their Apple device to one of 220,000 sales terminals. More importantly for developers, Apple Pay also gives mobile apps the ability to easily and securely integrate with their customers’ payment information for a more frictionless user experience.

Here at Tilt, we are obsessed with providing the easiest way to pool money with friends, so we’re happy to introduce our updated and iOS 8-ready app, available now exclusively on the App Store. Mobile is an incredibly important platform for Tilt as mobile phone usage skyrockets and more and more people are adopting mobile devices as a secure payment method. Our new app provides you with the fastest and easiest way to pay with your group on the go.

Here are some of the cool new features:

    • Improved new user registration to get started faster
    • Create a Tilt with less finger taps
    • Added iOS 8 Today Widget so admins can monitor their active Tilts
    • Easier sharing via Facebook, Twitter, email, and SMS
    • Support for Canadian users
    • Updated visual interface
    • Contribute to Tilts in seconds
    • Support for custom questions campaigns

Additionally, since the Tilt iOS app is free and it’s also free for Tilt users to collect funds, you can pool money with your friends absolutely gratis!

Unlike other apps, which only provide a limited set of features and only allow users to contribute to campaigns, the Tilt iOS app gives users the full functionality of from their pocket. We’ve made it even easier to collect and contribute money with your friends in seconds. Tilt is also the only true group payment app. (Other mobile apps only facilitate one-to-one payments resulting in multiple transactions for one expense.)

So want to split the check for a group dinner or ski house rental for a weekend? The new Tilt iOS can make it happen.

Download the New App Here

Tilt’s Top 20 Party Schools of 2014

Tilt Top Party Schools Ranked


Fall semester is back in session, and we all know what that means—tailgates, party buses, rush, and orientation parties.

There are a lot of campuses out there that claim to do all these things bigger and better than everyone else. Then you have rankings from places like The Princeton Review (yes, the same site that helped you prep for the SAT), which thinks it knows who parties the hardest. Right. We’ll take it from here, boys.

Given that we see—and help—college students throw parties every day, we at Tilt tapped our data science team to use our real social data to determine the Top Party Schools for 2014.  To scientifically determine the top party school, we used our “Tilt Social Index” by combining relevant factors such as number of parties per campus, the type of parties thrown (i.e., back-to-school parties, tailgates, etc.), the number of contributors per tilt, and momentum behind the campaign (how quickly it reached its goal). We deemed that the number of contributors per tilt was a better social indicator than the total amount of money raised, since party epicness grows as more people—and not necessarily dollars—join in (though every tilt pooled considerable funds).

The average back-to-school tilt so far this year has raised $787 with 29 contributors (way more attended each party, of course.) According to our research, the top party school is… drumroll please… the University of Texas at Austin. Hook ‘em Horns! UT Austin saw over 92 parties registered on Tilt during the first two weeks of the school year.

Here are the top party schools in the country:

1. University of Texas at Austin (98.5)

2. University of Mississippi (97.1)

3. University of Alabama (96.2)

4. Arizona State University (94.5)

5. Louisiana State University (93.2)

6. UC Santa Barbara (92.0)

7. University of Georgia (91.6)

8. West Virginia University (91.3)

9. Miami University – Ohio (90.9)

10. San Diego State University  (90.2)

11. University of Maryland (89.7)

12. Florida State University (88.8)

13. University of Florida (88.1)

14. University of Arizona (87.2)

15. University of Massachusetts Amherst (86.2)

16. University of Southern California (85.6)

17. Pennsylvania State University (85.1)

18. University of Wisconsin Madison (84.0)

19. Texas Christian University (83.8)

20. Bowling Green State University (82.1)

Congrats to UT Austin, Ole Miss, Bama, ASU, and LSU for scooping up the top 5 spots. This is our first annual top party school rankings, next year is a whole new ball game…

Think your school parties harder than the schools on the list? Prove it to us at Plus, first-time users, get $10 towards your first tilt with the code “BACKTOSCHOOL”!

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Top Tilts: College Apparel Items

School’s back in session and the temperature’s cooling down. Now’s the perfect time to get your friends—or fellow club members—to get together and tilt some new threads for the fall semester.

Here’s a few ideas:

1. A Rowing Jacket. Need to bundle up for early morning crew practice? Try tilting something warm to wear, like this grey Patagonia tilted by a Columbia University Heavyweight Rowing crew member.

2. Hats. Show off your school or team spirit with a baseball hat that you’ve personalized.

3. Fraternity Rush Shirts. Need all your pledges to hurry up and just pay for their dang shirts already? Send them an tilt to make sure all costs are covered.

4. Bid Day Tanks. Ladies, if tilting tees are just a bit too declasse for your bid day, we’d recommend tilting a tank top instead.

5. Branded Koozies. Okay, this one’s more of an accessory than an apparel item. But really, how else would you complete a tailgating outfit?


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Tilt/Open: Uncle Andy’s Jerky Brings Savory Meat Goodness to the Masses

Tilt Open Uncle Andy's JerkyAndy Hanenberg didn’t set out to be a jerky entrepreneur. The founder of Uncle Andy’s Jerky went to school for recreational management and then photography. But roughly two years ago, the 31-year old got into Crossfit, which led to the Paleo diet, which led to a desire to create a meaty, but still tasty, snack.

“Most paleo food takes like crap,” says Hanenberg with a laugh. “So I wanted to take a paleo staple—jerky—and make it more flavorful.”

Hanenberg—who began shipping out his first batch of jerky last week—began his adventure by buying a meat slicer from a hardware store on credit, and personally making his first batch for friends. After getting affirmation that his jerky was tasty, he started making more batches and attending meat processing seminars, so he could learn how to avoid mold growth, work with regulators like the USDA and various states’ Departments of Health (NYC, for example, doesn’t allow the sale of grade B maple syrup), and figure out the best way to produce his product.

Originally, Hanenberg says he wanted to set up his own facility. However, he quickly realized that as the sole owner and employee—he crowdfunded some production costs on Tilt/Open but hasn’t taken outside investments—it was going to be incredibly difficult to sell and produce everything on his own. Instead, he found a meat processor in Ohio to produce his meat and a spice company in Colorado to produce all of his unique flavors. He also uses Shopify as his ecommerce platform and leans on a talented artist friend to design his packaging, so he’s not tied into a million different expenses.

Hanenberg says he’s thankful for the crowdfunding support he received along the way. Right from the start, he knew he didn’t want investors, but also wasn’t sure if donors would find jerky a compelling enough product to donate to. Luckily, he found Tilt Open right before his campaign launched, appreciating how Tilt’s platform let him maintain sales on his own brand-specific webpage, as opposed to forcing customers to go to a third-party site to make their donation.

As a traveling salesman who’s currently working out of a vintage camper-turned-popup store, Hanenberg says, “It was pretty awesome that I could just bring up my company’s domain name on an iPad and have people look it at and instantly contribute. I’ve used it at a couple events and it worked out pretty well.”

“Crowdfunding is definitely an interesting beast,” he says.

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Top Tilts Tuesday: Business School MBA Edition


It’s not just undergrads that are hitting the books again. Graduate schools are back in session as well, and both groups are tilting up a storm!  Our b-school tilters, we’ve noticed, have been particularly busy throwing a ton of awesome MBA-related tilts. Here are a few of our favorites from the last week.

Wharton 30th Birthday Bar Crawl — To help celebrate their friend Ben’s “dirty 30″ birthday milestone, the friends of one lucky Wharton student threw an epic party bus and bar/golf extravaganza that included round-trip party bus transportation, a t-shirt (which doubled as a bar golf scorecard), epic prizes and treats for the birthday boy. 

bar golf!

HBS LatAm Club’s Gatsby Party— The first official party at Harvard Business School, this 1920s-themed event sold out at 1,150 tickets. Partying at a venue with a speakeasy vibe, HBS first and second years “brought it” by dressing to the nines in 20s attire! Check out their event page here.


Kellogg Tailgates and Party Buses – Students at Kellogg are currently putting together a series of tailgates, but wanted to launch early tickets for a party bus to take students to/from the November game against Notre Dame. The first bus sold out within one day, so they were able to tilt a second soon after! Check ‘em out here.

2nd Annual HBS Yacht Day – Drop Messages hosted a 300-person daytime yacht party for HBS students the Monday of Labor Day Weekend. Since both first and second years were able to attend, the event was the perfect opportunity for everyone to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Check out the epic photo album here.


Haas Cohort Social Funds – To add to their limited social fund, one cohort decided to tilt some self-funding to give them a wider budget. Check it out here.

Tilters, what are you tilting this month?

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The Scribble Pen

Six days ago, a situation with a particular campaign came to our attention. In the spirit of transparency, I’m sharing this with the wider community.

So, what happened? In short, we learned that the demo video in the Scribble Pen campaign was potentially misleading and misrepresentative of any actual product. In addition to what we felt was misleading within the videos, there were also several discrepancies we found with information given to backers and provided to us, things that continued to make us doubt the legitimacy of this project. Upon the internal review, we requested additional information from the campaign organizers and provided a defined window of time for them to provide a new video of an actual, working prototype like seen in the video OR an in-person prototype of the pen.

Since these conditions were not satisfied, we decided that the best course of action to protect our community – both contributors and organizers – was to discontinue the campaign and refund 100% of all payments over the next three days.

At Tilt, we pride ourselves on building the most powerful and flexible set of crowdfunding tools on the web. Our white label, open source tool launched earlier this year, Tilt/Open, allows any organizer to not only crowdfund a product into reality, but give life to a new brand customers trust and love (Soylent is a perfect example).

To maintain a healthy crowdfunding ecosystem, we must always protect the interests of both campaign organizers and contributors. We’re inspired by the amazing products that have been built to-date on Tilt Open, and are fully committed to building a platform that will launch an incredible array of products and brands in years to come.

- James Beshara, CEO

Tribe Alive Aims to Spur Movement of Women Helping Women

IMG_8208The adoption of my daughter one year ago changed everything for me. As an entrepreneur, I’ve always dreamt of starting a purposeful business that would serve as an avenue for social change, but it wasn’t until I brought Elie home that the concept of motherhood truly flooded over me. I couldn’t stop marveling at my good fortune in finding my daughter, but at the same, I couldn’t help but think of Elie’s birth mother and wonder what her story could have been had she had access to an education, a job and health care. I realized right then that I wanted to be a part of something that gave women hope and would teach my daughter that our job as women is to help lift each other up.

Luckily, my friend and business partner Ashley shared my views and together, we dreamed up the idea for our new lifestyle brand Tribe Alive.  Launched nine months ago, Tribe Alive strives to create positive change in the lives of women by providing marketplace access through the fair production and sale of our beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry. We truly want to create a brand that is carried on the backs of many, and can be the start of a global movement.

IMG_8349Ashley and I wanted to build Tribe Alive on our own and funded the production of our first collection.  But we couldn’t have done it without the steadfast support of our friends and family.  We’ve also had professional photographers, fashion bloggers, stylists, social media gurus, jewelry designers and complete strangers selflessly help us out for free, because they believe in us and want to see us succeed.  We have loved every moment of building this brand, but what we’re most proud of is this new Tribe that we’ve built along the way.

The newest member of our tribe is Tilt, which has inspired us with their passion to build brands, connect people and encourage community. They have opened our eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for Tribe Alive, and we look forward to a long lasting partnership in dreaming, creating and growing with them. To be honest, a crowdfunding campaign was not a part of our initial plan, but after our recent trip to Central America—where we spent a great deal of time with our artisan partners—we realized that this journey is no longer about us, our pride or our plan. It’s about woman the world over who could use our support.

IMG_8383Words can’t express what this Tilt Campaign could mean for Tribe Alive and women all over the world. It will give us the resources needed to reach more women, provide more work, develop new and meaningful partnerships and in the end continue to grow a movement of women helping women. So many people have asked us “how can we help?” Tilt has given us the avenue that we’ve been looking for to involve more people and grow.

Want to support Tribe Alive? Start Here

CNBC Wants to Know: Would You Rather Fund Om/One or Navdy?

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This week, CNBC is polling readers and viewers about which product—levitating speaker Om/One or car smart glass Navdy—they would rather crowdfund.

As both products are taking pre-sales on Tilt, we love both and advocate buying one of each! But if you have a preference, go to CNBC’s website and vote for your fave. The CEO of the winning product will be interviewed live on CNBC on Friday.


Top Tilts Tuesday: Post-Labor Day Edition


Hope everyone had an awesome and relaxing Labor Day! It’s only the second day of September and here at Tiltquarters we’re already seeing a ton of interesting and compelling fundraisers and group events pooling their money. Here are a few of our favorites from the last 24 hours.

Support a Sick Child’s Medical Treatment—Irma Baptiste is raising funds for her brave daughter Skylar, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, among other aggressive infusion therapies. (Skylar has previously been diagnosed with two forms of lupus and suffered through multi-organ failure.) Though Skylar is currently getting infusions in her home state of Hawaii, her mom is fundraising so Skylar will be able to get additional treatment on the mainland. Donate to Skylar’s medical treatments here.

Attend an Art Museum Outing—Frequent Tilters the Manhattan Women’s Club are using Tilt to check out the last picture show at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art’s beautiful Breuer box. The sole artist being featured in the exhibition space? Jeff Koons.

Buy a Charity Bracelet—Seller Swarovski Inspired is using Tilt to sell a pink adjustable bracelet in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. 20% of all bracelet sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Buy a bracelet here.

Save a Dog—The Pet Refuge, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is currently only able to help unwanted cats and kittens, due to budget constraint. They are fundraising to finish a dog kennel, so they will also be able to support dogs at their facility. Donate to the Pet Refuge here.

Throw a Raging Party—Instead of using the “so 90s” option of selling cups at the door, the men of 909 Packard at UMich are looking to raise to the funds for their Fire(ball) and Ice party on Tilt. Check it out here. 

Tilters, what are you tilting this month?

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