Tilt/Open Pre-Orders, Now Open For Business!

Tilt/Open Pre-Orders

Over the past two years, we’ve built some amazing crowdfunding and commerce tools (from Tilt.com, the fastest and simplest way to collect money from a group — to the largest open-source crowdfunding tool in the world, Tilt/Open). Today, we’re excited to launch our latest advancement which is a feature request we’ve heard for over a year now. If you’re a brand or business that is looking to crowdfund or pre-sell online, then today’s announcement will make Tilt/Open the one-stop-shop for all of your needs.


Pre-orders, in Two Lines of Code

Officially launching today is Tilt/Open Pre-Orders, the easiest way to turn any website (static, WordPress, Squarespace, SpaceCraft, or any other) into an online store, taking pre-orders, all by dropping in two lines of code. Oh, and the pricing? It’s free — pay no fees beyond standard credit card processing!

Last year, the product launch of our downstairs neighbors, Coin, kicked off a trend to accept pre-orders from their own website with a slick, one-step payment form. Since then, many other successful products have launched in similar fashion, and we’ve powered a number of them, including Navdy, Amp, Whistle GPS, Lytro and more. Coin rolled their own system, building directly on top of a payments processor, and developing custom features like a referral system, order management tools, integrations with retargeting tools, and more. We wanted to empower other creators to have the same powerful features without needing to build them from scratch — and today this tool is open to the public.

We’ve been testing this tool in beta and it has already processed millions of dollars worth of products, powering some of the biggest pre-order launches in recent months. As professional crowdfunding continues to grow and evolve, we’re excited to be building the tools for the next generation of online commerce.



Pound for pound, it’s the simplest and most powerful tool we’ve seen that enables sellers to do what they do best: sell. We’ve packed a lot into those two little lines of installation code — including:

  • Fully hosted payments and processing
  • Built-in referral system (just like Coin)
  • Promo codes
  • Shipping address verification
  • Fraud prevention
  • Beautiful mobile optimization
  • Near-infinite customization of look, feel, and options to suit your product (styles, sizes, etc)
  • The ability to charge now or later


(Click here to see it full-sized.)


Tilt/Open Pre-Orders also integrates directly with BackerKit for pre-sales order management, and can be paired with a standard crowdfunding thermometer to reflect sales, dollar amount (for fundraisers), and more to turn any page into a crowdfunding page through our API.

The pre-orders button also allows sellers to tap into Tilt Logistics, our proprietary fulfillment service that picks, packs, and ships domestically and internationally.

The list of things these two lines of code automate for sellers is so lengthy, that I’m just going to let you check out the full list here:

And as an added bonus: Today, we’re also open-sourcing ‘Benjamins‘, a lightning-fast static page template inspired by the Coin and Navdy designs. You can use it to customize and launch a beautiful, mobile-optimized product page in a fraction of the time it would normally take. We hope you’ll thank us by using Tilt/Open Pre-Orders once you’re ready to go live!

At first blush, pre-orders seem like a simple proposition — and now with everything from hosting, processing, customizability, address verification, to referral systems and promo codes, etc, all right-out-of-the-box for free — it finally is. We can’t wait to see what you guys will make!

Contact us to learn more or get started now at open.tilt.com!

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P.S. If you think this would be a great tool to add beautiful and simple non-profit donations to your site, you’d be right. Contact us to learn more about Tilt/Open for non-profit donations!

Mizzen+Main Gives Back To Veterans For Breast Cancer Awareness Month



Mizzen+Main Gives Back During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which means some companies inevitably “pinkwash”, taking advantage of the occasion for their own marketing purposes. Others, however, go above-and-beyond to actually make a difference in authentic and meaningful ways.

How Mizzen+Main is Giving Back

Dallas-based menswear brand Mizzen+Main is solidly among that latter group. Founded in 2012 by Kevin Lavelle, Mizzen+Main – which produces moisture-wicking, wrinkle free, four-way stretch professional dress shirts – has pledged to donate $25 of each sale of their “Hucksley” dress shirt to their local Veterans Affairs hospital. The donations will be specifically earmarked for the treatment and support of veterans diagnosed with breast cancer. Lavelle points out what many people may not know: female veterans are 20-40% more likely to get the disease than other women in similar age groups, according to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. (more…)

Haas’ 10th Annual >play Digital Media Conference


We’re stoked that Tilt will be sponsoring UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business’ 10th annual >play Conference, the largest student-run tech conference in the country. We are equally excited James Beshara, Co-Founder and CEO of Tilt, will be delivering one of the conference’s keynotes.

The >play Conference, which will be held at Fort Mason, an iconic landmark beneath the Golden Gate right here in San Francisco, will feature four keynotes and five breakout panels.

Keynotes, panelists, and recruiters will be present from both emerging and established companies. In addition to James, this year’s keynotes include:

  • Mike Olson, Founder and CEO, Cloudera
  • Meagan Eisenberg, Vice President of Customer Marketing and Demand Generation, DocuSign
  • Steven Aldrich, SVP of Applications, GoDaddy

Panelists include heavy-hitters from Google, Facebook, Box, AT&T, Y-Combinator, Greylock Partners, and Andreessen Horowitz. A full schedule can be found here.

The conference is expected to attract more than 800 attendees from MBA programs, engineering schools, and industry professionals.

In addition to keynotes and panels there will be free lunch and snacks, a Career FairStartup Expo, Silent Disco, and a cocktail reception sponsored by Lagunitas and Naked Wines immediately following the concluding remarks.

Lunch will be catered by Sprig, SpoonRocket, Kincao, and Caviar, all of whom will feature panelists in the On-Demand Food Panel.

We’d love to see you all there, supporting Tilt, UC Berkeley, and students everywhere that contribute so much talent and energy to what we do.

Tickets are available here. Through Tilt, naturally.

Play Hackathon Info


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Meet a Playmaker: Stephen Wong

We recently launched ‘Playmakers’, a pilot program designed to invite our most influential Tilters to join the extended Tilt Team while helping us share Tilt in our favorite cities across the US.

Today we caught up with Stephen Wong, who has been an incredible addition to our early group of Austin-based influencers. A self-described “man who can make things happen”, we love how he’s been using Tilt for party planning and trips with friends – and feel lucky to count someone with such enthusiasm and charisma as part of our on the ground family.

Stephen Wong, one of Tilt’s first Playmakers

Hear Stephen’s story and get his advice for using Tilt to make life more fun – and after you’re inspired, hop over to create a campaign of your own!

Tell us about yourself!

I’ve lived in Austin for 7 years and love it. I work in Sales during the day, and spend much of my free time finding and planning exceptionally fun things to do with my friends and colleagues.

Everyone raves about Austin! Where is your favorite place to go in the city?

Red Bud Isle, an awesome off-leash dog park. Sunday Funday on Rainey Street is always a good time too! :)

How did you find Tilt?

My best friend, Heather (a fellow Playmaker), and I organize multiple parties and events throughout the year. She discovered Tilt as an easy way to keep track of who has paid for what event instead of just lumping funds together and keeping track of things manually.

What do you like most about being a Tilt Playmaker?

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with other Playmakers in Austin who love to put things together. We can share ideas and tips on hosting future events, which is helpful. Also, I’ve been able to work directly with the Tilt team to provide feedback and suggestions – something I really like!

What are you Tilting with your friends as a Playmaker?

We used to have to keep track of things manually with PayPal and Excel. This was incredibly time consuming, especially if we had multiple things going on that overlapped (which we often do!)

I just went of a trip with friends to San Francisco for a birthday weekend, and we effortlessly tilted multiple items including: the hotel, car rental/gas, wine, sushi dinner, and cabs. It was easy to keep track of everything because we created a campaign for each item and snapped a photo of the receipt.

We’ll be using Tilt for several big upcoming events including party buses to Wurstfest and Tailgate BBQs!

What advice would you have for someone who was ready to Tilt for the first time?

Choose something that you know your friends will want to do. My friends enjoy how fast and easy it is to set up Tilt campaigns and track everything. Allowing them to use their credit cards to collect money makes it super easy, and is really an opportunity they’ll appreciate.

Think you have what it takes to spread the Tilt love and help us build the best platform possible? Apply to be a Playmaker in your city today!

Tilt’s Core Values

unnamedAs we continue to grow, it is important to recognize the characteristics that define us as a company and drive our future success. Here are the Core Values that we at Tilt strive to maintain each and every day…

Love our customers.

Many companies say this—we push hard to mean it. We are deeply grateful for each Tilter’s trust in us and do not take this fragile relationship for granted.  Whether Organizers or Contributors, we listen closely to their needs and obsess over their happiness. From product design, to smoothly functioning tech, to “surprise and delight” support, we start with customers needs and work backwards to make our decisions.  Every person in our company feels the joy of a happy Tilter, and we swarm after the sting of mistakes to prevent future ones.

Speed is survival.

If we act slowly, we will miss a window to shape history. We continuously challenge ourselves with the question: are we moving fast enough? We are driven by the excitement of winning the hearts and minds of potential Tilters everywhere. We are on offense, striving to attain and not maintain. We are nimble. “Done” is better than “perfect,” so we like to Get. Shit. Done.

Keep it simple.

In relationships, business, products and life, people are drawn to simplicity. Our customers must be drawn to the simplicity and elegance of our solutions. We must create simplicity in their lives. Even though high growth businesses such as ours can become quite complicated, we internally push hard to simplify our initiatives. Simplicity is power, so… Simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

Raise the bar.

We will succeed in our mission only if we are exceptional in what we do. After all, we are trying to unlock human potential—that is ambitious. We have no choice but to aim very high in our standards. Average simply won’t cut it. Delivering an exceptional experience to our customers means having a strong sense of quality, reaching high in everything that supports that end goal:  product, team, culture, marketing, support. Our sense of pride in our work helps make this second nature.

Think like an owner.

Everyone at Tilt feels personal responsibility for our success. Ownership means fixing things when no one is looking—it’s not “someone else’s” problem. It’s naturally wanting to protect the company, whether being frugal and resourceful with the company’s finite resources, or raising your hand confidently to alert the team when you’re concerned. It’s personally feeling the responsibility to innovate, to improve, to solve and to find the answers. Ownership means you follow-through and that you deliver results.

The golden rule is gold.

It’s pretty simple: treat others as you would want to be treated. This is true for both customers and colleagues. No matter the situation, every interaction is a chance to live and practice this powerfully simple credo that has stood the test of time. Respect, openness, over-communication, integrity, courage, humility. We are allergic to drama and passivity because those qualities indicate you put yourself above the team around you. Confront colleagues directly with issues. Speak up and be honest about disagreements, but commit fully and honestly to the agreed solutions. Protect our culture by never compromising on these behaviors.

Tilt for Snoop: Bring The Doggfather To Your Campus!

tiltforsnoop_800x320Snoop Dogg is everywhere these days. He’s investing in tech companies (including reddit); he’s on the sidelines cheering on his son at football games; he’s collaborating with Pharrell; and soon, he could be appearing at a concert at your school!

Yep, Snoop—who’s a friend and user of the Tilt—will be coming to the college campus that accumulates the most Tilt Points through our Tilt for Snoop Competition.

The rules are easy. Schools can earn Tilt Points through:

  • Each Tilt app download = 10 points
  • Each individual contributor = 20 points
  • Each successful Tilt = 50 points

The school with the most points by Dec. 31 will get a visit from The Doggfather for a DJ set before the end of the 2014-2015 school year. Winners will be announced on or about January 20, 2015. (See our official rules and regulations.)

To keep track of how each school is doing, we have set up a dynamic leaderboard that displays the total points accumulated by each school. To be eligible for the leaderboard and included in the display, each school must have at least 100 contributors from their campus.

If your school has a Tilt ambassador on campus, they will be giving out “Scratcher Cards” with promo codes specific to your school.

For more info, check out our landing page’s FAQ.


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Deckstarter Uses Crowdfunding to Debut Surreal Wonderland Cards

contentWith the near ubiquity of smartphones and mobile game apps, you’d think that board games and physical card sets would have become entertainment fossils by now. In reality, the opposite is true. Sales of tabletop games have actually risen by 15 to 20% in U.S. hobby stores in each of the last three years, according to the trade publication ICv2, and parents are increasingly pushing their kids toward low-tech gaming options (even Steve Jobs limited his kids’ gadget exposure.)

This movement of low-tech games has largely been driven by the power of crowdfunding. If a big game maker doesn’t want to mass-produce a niche board game, the designer can now turn to platforms like Tilt/Open to sell limited editions of games, and gauge if the product has enough commercial appeal before deciding to manufacture more.

One company that’s using crowdfunding to power sales of its speciality games is Deckstarter. The country’s only dedicated funding platform for custom-designed playing cards, Deckstarter makes it easy for customers to get their own, customer-designed decks into the hands of playing card enthusiasts around the world.

Deckstarter’s debut set is a limited edition two-deck set of playing cards inspired by the magical and surreal world of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Designed by Turnstyle Studio‘s Steven Watson, the cards combine lavish Art Nouveau and Art Deco ornamentation and feature iconic quotes from Carroll’s novel. Additionally, both the cards and the tuck boxes are meticulously printed on premium stock with sophisticated black, white, and metallic gold color inks, together with embossing, foil stamping and varnish techniques where possible.

These cards are only available for five more days, so claim your set now!

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Top Tilts Tuesday: Welcome to October Edition

Top Tilts Tuesday
Can you believe it’s almost October already? Crazy how time flies—especially, as the proverb has it, when you’re having fun… and our college tilters are definitely having fun. Check out some of our favorite tilts from the past week. What are you planning to tilt this month?

ZBT Get on the Ball
Alex Herzog‘s heart is in the right place. The Ohio State University student has set up a tilt to help raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network via Get on the Ball 2014. Minimum donations are $1.00—a small price to pay to help support research and training, purchase equipment, pay for uncompensated care and generally improve the lives of as many children as possible.

Bowling Team Dues
Nearly 50 people have ponied up for mandatory fall 2014 bowling dues at Northwestern University, thanks to Rohan Mehta‘s tilt. Dues were split into $100 for active bowlers, $50 for casual bowlers.

Chain Gang Homecoming Tent
Happy 100th homecoming! University of Arizona student Kevin Yi and his friends are pooling funds to have a Chain Gang tent on the mall. They’re at $400 and counting, with the extras going toward food and drinks.

Inflatable For Arrowspike
Nathan Cordes
knows how to do an Arrowspike final tournament right. He’s tilting for a fat inflatable with his fellow University of Southern California students.

Fall Rush Tanks
Feel as if Sigma Pi’s fall rush tees are covering up your bulging biceps? Opt for the black tank version instead, as these 40+ UC Santa Barbara students chose to do via Wyatt Licht‘s Tilt.


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Capturing the Networked Society: Tilt and the Jamaican Bobsled Team

A winter sport played in a tropical climate may seem farfetched, but that didn’t stop the Jamaican Bobsled Team. In January 2014, they qualified for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. However, the team lacked the funding to get them to Russia. Winston Watts, the team driver, was determined to find a way to get to Sochi. He created a campaign on crowdfunding platform Tilt (formerly Crowdtilt), and the rest is history.

The story of their qualification and lack of funding spread like wildfire across global media. Within 72 hours, a grand total of 2,855 individuals from 52 different countries raised enough money to put the team on a plane to Sochi.

Crowdfunding not only creates a new way for people to support causes and innovations they are interested in, it also provides a lens through which to track what’s important to people. The compelling dream the Jamaican bobsled team shared with the world was just one example of an initiative people are willing to put their money behind.

Read more at Ericsson’s Networked Society site.

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And the ATX Bucket List Challenge Winner is…

Remember how we teamed up with our friends at 365 Things Austin for an epic ATX Bucket List Challenge contest, highlighting the top 20 things to do before the end of summer? Well, all summer long, we’ve loved watching Texan Tilters cross a bevy of items off the list—while simultaneously earning an entry toward the grand prize. Now that summer has ended, we’re excited to celebrate the contest’s official winner: Amanda Louie!


A resident of Austin for nearly two decades, Amanda definitely knows how to have fun around town. When she and her core group of friends aren’t hosting game nights or grabbing drinks at The Liberty, they love attending the city’s best festivals and celebrating each other’s accomplishments—which has recently involved a bunch of house warming parties. First introduced to Tilt at a SXSW event, Amanda told us that she fell in love with the platform because it’s so “mindblowingly simple” to use—for everything!

We’re sure that Amanda, a marketing director with a passion for policy and travel, will make the most of her new $250 credit to Airbnb. After checking so many items off the ATX to-do list this summer, we hope it will ensure a fantastic fall getaway.

Congrats again, Amanda. We can’t wait to see what you tilt next!

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