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Going Global: San Marcos Middle School Tilts Its Way to the Model UN Conference

California-based San Marcos Middle School showed us how they put the crowd in crowdfunding, recently raising more than $4,000.00 to attend the prestigious Global Classrooms International Model UN Conference in Manhattan. Funds collected will cover everything from airfare and transfers to lodging, food and fun cultural experiences like museum visits relevant to the topics of the conference.

San Marcos Middle School, Model UN

After first learning about the concept of online fundraising and Tilt from the Jamaican Bobsled Team’s victorious efforts to take them to Sochi nearly two years ago, San Marcos Middle School teacher and trip leader Lawrence Osen felt compelled to give it a try. He had noted striking similarities between the global, community-based efforts, and felt that the amplified reach of the Internet combined with a secure platform to accept contributions could help the school spread the word and collect money outside of their local school community.

“Like the Jamaican Bobsled Team,” he said, “we too are working to come together to do something that many people from around the world consider exciting and important.”


Top March Business School Tilts

This spring, business school students are using Tilt for all sorts of fun activities. Here are some of the top ones for March!

1. Columbia goes to Colombia


A group of Columbia students headed to Colombia this month, and used Tilt to collect for each of the pre-organized group activities—$15 per person for scheduled group drinks, $16 per person for a bus tour, $25 per person for a city tour, $50 per person for a group dinner, and $120 per person for a full day out on a boat. It was super easy to sign up for and commit to various options during the trip! (more…)

7 Tips for Tilting Your Next Great Idea

Need some inspiration for tilting a big idea? You’ve come to the right place! Here are our top tips for making something amazing happen:

  1. Create a page that inspires.

Personalize your Tilt page as much as possible with a great description and an eye-catching photo or video – and don’t forget to include some best practice elements!

Deck Boat for Hunger

The most successful Tilts are the ones that tell a great story and let people know exactly how the money you’re collecting will be used. A strong first sentence that hooks the reader and a powerful “if then” type statement in a thoughtful description top our best practices list, and we’ve seen the most successful tilters making good use of these elements.

Want more? Check out “Making a Great Description” here.

  1. Start with a modest goal.

One of the keys to a super successful Tilt campaign is building momentum. Your friends and family will be more inclined to chip in if they think their contribution will help you reach your goal. Working toward an achievable tilt goal will allow you collectively reach quick milestones together, instilling excitement into everyone involved. On the other hand, if you set your goal too high, some may feel discouraged from contributing or think their involvement won’t make much of a difference.


2015 Music Festivals Month by Month

A new year might mean new years resolutions for some, but for the music aficionado, the beginning of a new year only means one thing: the beginning of another epic festival season. Check out our top picks to keep on your radar as the 2015 music calendar kicks off, and download our app to keep in touch with offers to make the most out of your next music vacation.

January: Holy Ship



Tilt for Snoop: Snoop is heading to Ole Miss


After three months of competition, with more than 150 schools participating the points have been tallied and the results are in: Snoop Dogg is heading to Ole Miss!

Let’s all give a big round of applause to Ole Miss!


How did they do it?

The Rebels were able to drive week over week tilts and tons of app downloads that pushed them over the edge and into the winners circle.

Moral of the story… if you don’t have the Tilt app, make sure you get it.


We saw some really interesting tilts throughout the competition, everything from: chapter lotteries, wristbands for dance-a-thons, a party bus to REHAB, hundreds of utility bills, flag football uniforms, and thousands of parties, tailgates and other swag pre-orders.

We also saw a ton of social activity, especially in the last few weeks:


What’s next?

Stay tuned for another big announcement in the next few weeks.

Much love

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