The Best Things In Life Are Free: Tilt Announces Free Crowdfunding

Starting today, we’re dropping the fees on our ‘Collect’ feature! It is now FREE for organizers to collect money with their groups, and free for all contributors using their debit card for payments (a standard 3% processing fee still applies for credit cards).

Yep. Free to collect money with your group, no matter how large. We’ll let that sink in for a moment…

Nic Cage Freedom

Every day, Tilt enables amazing experiences for thousands of groups—whether you’re collecting money for box seats at a baseball game, amazing group vacations, epic tailgates for the upcoming season, fantasy football leagues galore, or other shared moments with the people you love—it’s FREE now! Selling items to your community and fundraising for nonprofits and causes will still be an extremely low fee of 2.5% to the organizer (lowest in the industry). We have also introduced our pricing for our brand spankin’ new enterprise crowdfunding tool, Tilt Open (check it out here!).

In making Tilt free to collect, we’re adopting the same “freemium” model embraced by some of our favorite consumer brands like Spotify, Evernote, and Dropbox to name a few. We’re excited to make our core features even more awesome through this new pricing structure!
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 10.29.21 PM

Is it just me or did that Nic Cage clip up at the top have you feeling all sentimental inside?? Here at Tilt, we believe that the peak of human existence is the experiences and moments we get to share with the people we love. We hope that this decision makes it even easier for you to create more of these shared experiences. Being FREE has never felt so good.

Much love and much free,

James Beshara
CEO, Tilt.com

PS – Here’s where I’d typically give out a promo code for you to give Tilt a try, but in case you missed it, the price couldn’t be any lower. It’s FREE, people!

PPS – Keep an eye out for our completely redesigned mobile app coming out in the next few weeks.

Start tilting fo’ free Right Now!



Top Tilts Tuesday: Post-Labor Day Edition

top_tilts_v2_880bIt’s only the second day of September and here at Tilt HQ we’re already seeing a ton of interesting and compelling fundraisers and group events pooling their money. Here are a few of our favorites from the last 24 hours.

Support A Sick Child’s Medical Treatment - Irma Baptiste is raising funds for her brave daughter Skylar, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy, among other aggressive infusion therapies. (Skylar has previously been diagnosed with two forms of lupus and suffered through multi-organ failure.) Though Skylar is currently getting infusions in her home state of Hawaii, her mom is fundraising so Skylar will be able to get additional treatment on the mainland. Donate to Skylar’s medical treatments here.

Attend An Art Museum Outing - Frequent Tilters the Manhattan Women’s Club are using Tilt to check out the last picture show at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art’s beautiful Breuer box. The sole artist being featured in the exhibition space? Jeff Koons.

Buy A Charity Bracelet - Seller Swarovski Inspired is using Tilt to sell a pink adjustable bracelet in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. 20% of all bracelet sales will be donated to the Breast Cancer Society of Canada. Buy a bracelet here.

Save a Dog – The Pet Refuge, a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, is currently only able to help unwanted cats and kittens, due to budget constraint. They are fundraising to finish a dog kennel, so they will also be able to support dogs at their facility. Donate to the Pet Refuge here.

Throw A Raging Party – Instead of using the “so 90s” option of selling cups at the door, the men of 909 Packard at UMich are looking to raise to the funds for their Fire(ball) and Ice party on Tilt. Check it out here. 

What are you tilting this month?

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Alexander Andon

Why a Veteran Crowdfunder Chose Tilt For His Next Campaign

Chargerito(Alex Andon is  guest blogger for the Tilt blog.)

I was one of the first people to successfully launch a new product with crowdfunding, back when it was a very experimental concept.  It was a funky idea, a Desktop Jellyfish Tank, but thanks to my crowdfunding, that small business was launched to a whole new level and eventually acquired. The jellyfish journey was a dream come true and it would have been impossible without the upfront capital provided by 515 friends, family, and complete strangers.

Since becoming somewhat of a poster child for crowdfunding, countless people have asked me questions like, “What’s the secret to a successful campaign?” or “What platform should I use for my campaign?”

The former question is easy to answer: make something people want and they’ll tell you how much they like it with their credit cards.

The latter question has become more complicated. Since 2011, the crowdfunding revolution has given rise to dozens of new companies. However, having tested a number of them, I now believe Tilt is the best option. And to put my money where my mouth is, I just launched a Tilt campaign for my latest new product, the World’s Smallest Phone Charger.